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Submitted by Jasmino924 749d ago | news

Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Writer Defends In-Game Romance, Equality

J Station X writes

"BioWare are hardly strangers to controversy (the Mass Effect 3 ending, anyone?) but rather than staying away from it, like the shy development team in the corner, they are more than happy to embrace it, with open arms and open hearts because often, the BioWare choices that cause the most flack are the ones that matter.

This is according to David Gaider, the lead writer of their upcoming title, Dragon Age: Inquisition, discussing in-game romances, and he not so much kicks the hornet’s nest as he does punts it out the stadium. Read what he has to say after the break." (BioWare, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, EA, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   749d ago
Characters should be wrote to make sense in the world and under the circumstances they are in, making them all Bi is simply lazy and poor writing( as Da2 pretty much was).
bessy67  +   749d ago
Totally agree. It was so dumb that you could romance anyone in DA2 regardless of gender, and it was also pretty dumb that in ME3 Kaiden was suddenly bi. If they want to make certain characters bi/homosexual go for it, just please don't take the easy way out and make them all bi.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   749d ago
Exactly, it is just poor/lazy writing and it damages the world and characters as a whole.
Roccetarius  +   748d ago
Anders was a pretty terrible example in DA2, and i still dislike what they did to him. I agree with you about it being lazy and poor, and i don't really expect much from the ressurected Bioware.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   748d ago
They ruined Anders, that poor man..
Baka-akaB  +   749d ago
Instead of caring so much about bi-sex option (wich yet i dont mind , except when you switch mid course an established characters' sexuality) ... how about writing better romance and flirting dialogues , if you want it as part of the gameplay ?

I cringed a lot when even with an otherwise great and interesting character like Morrigan , it was so easy to get into her pants , and all the dialogues read like cheap softcore porn and fanfic in DAO .

And it got even worse in DA2 .
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uncharted56  +   749d ago
I think you don't quite understand the character of Morrigon. There was a reason why Morrigon's dialogue were slutty and hateful for a reason. Morrigon considered love and friendship a weakness. Don't want to spoil but if u have played the witch of the wild dlc and romanced morrigon the ending sequence itself will show you how her character changed throughout the game.
Baka-akaB  +   748d ago
I think you didnt get my point actually . Most of the romances of dragon age goes through some softcore fanfic phase , and is badly written in a way quite at odd imo with the rest of the plot and its quality . That's what i'm truly complaining about , not that Morrigan is "easy" because she initially dont feel much of love .

It's very mediocre compared to what you could see in even MAss effect of past bioware titles like Baldur and Kotor .
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FRAKISTAN  +   749d ago
I don't why you guys have to specially mention that you have nothing against being bi, its ok if you don't like bi. i certainly don't like it and don' want it to be in any game
blackmanone  +   749d ago
Obvious bigot sees nothing wrong with being an obvious bigot? Sounds about right.
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bessy67  +   749d ago | Well said
I hate this mentality nowadays that if you don't agree with the liberal point of view your opinion is now wrong. The people who think like that are the bigots since they refuse to accept different viewpoints.
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Baka-akaB  +   749d ago
Because i dont mind when it's not done wrong . I'm not interested by gay scenarios , but as long as i can entirely miss and avoid those , i'm fine .

Turning Kaiden out of the blue into a bi just because they were missing options and didnt feel like adding new ones is wrong .

Ander in DA2 too was badly handled . You couldnt even ignore it and only ignitiate the flirting like with more characters of any sexual inclination , he was basically coming strong at you , and downright harrassing you .

The most ridiculous part being that if you refused to make your moves on Ander then you basically are receiving rivalry points .

Sure aggressive people do exists .. but who need that kind of realism and grievance in a game , for a supposedly optional part of a rpg ?

PS : Of course Ander was a d*ck and a morons about mages the whole game too , and his plot makes no sense , but that's another issue
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SpideySpeakz  +   749d ago
There's absolutely nothing wrong with being Bi, because it's just a way of lifestyle. I'm not bi, but I respect other people's choice to be homosexual/bi, because it doesn't affect my way of life at all. As for video games, bi/homosexual characters are a plus because it gives more realism and dynamics to the story.

For example, I liked the way Samantha in ME3 (who is gay) turned you down if you was a male. It's a very interesting game mechanic, and hope I see more of that in DA3
Redempteur  +   749d ago
“[He] can easily imagine a time when the romances in [Dragon Age: Inquisition] are revealed (whether that will be before or after release, [he has] no idea). There will be an inevitable reaction from people who are disappointed they couldn’t romance someone with their character of choice, and some of them will rant at length as to how they were only deprived of said romance because of some agenda.”

You know it's alright if you can't romance anyone.
Some game tried with mitiged sucess. But if you provide a satisfactory arc for the option availables, i'd bet you anything you won't have much complains. Heck dragon age could age only 2 possible romances i'd take it if both choices and both arcs are well-done and meaningfull.

Bioware your fans are not looking at quantity but quality
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spartanlemur  +   749d ago
Romances are great in Bioware games and add tremendous depth.

As for the homosexuality, I'm all for having one major character and maybe a side character who are romanceable for each gender, but it's important to note that only around 1 in 20 people are homosexual IRL, so making the number of options equal for both genders wouldn't be realistic, and I'd actually argue that it would be unfair on heterosexual players.
Lamigol10  +   749d ago
I would like the option to romance a cat .. I have written to several developers demanding they include this option as it reflects the world today but I have never had any response !! I feel I am being shunned for my sexual preferences and intend to complain to the highest authorities !
james090162  +   739d ago
A romance between what would be two consenting adults, is a hell of a lot different then you forcing yourself on some poor animal.
CELLA  +   748d ago
yes i would buy this game with out sex in it we do not need this trash in are games

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