Preview: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - To 60FPS Or Not To 60FPS? | Press Start Australia

Shannon from Press Start Australia went hands on with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

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Agent_hitman1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I don't know why this issue is such a big deal to to others, but most of you have already stated that you won't buy this version because it's just a retouch for next gen..

PC player had already seen the definitive edition many times using their machines..

Bathyj1701d ago

Now one cares about the game itself. It's just a yardstick of what the next 7 years of gaming is going to be like.

johny51701d ago

kind of true but I think a yard stick for gaming should be a game that releases in the first 6 months of a consoles launch and is actually built for that hardware! Infamous: Second Son....

I_am_Batman1701d ago

I'll wait for a comparison between the PC version and the PS4 version. I think the PC version is as close as you get to the definitive edition without actually getting the definitive edition. I understand there is no point for someone who played the PC version maxed out to buy the definitive edition and that's probably why it isn't coming to PC.

I'll get the game for PS4 when it drops in price just because I know that they haven't put enouh work into the definitive edition to justify a full price again.

Bloodjunkie1701d ago

It's to expensive for this minor changes. 30€ were ok but 60 is to much.

It's not very relevant but it feels a bit better than 30fps. More important is the question why the PS4 is capable to run 60fps and the Xbone not? Is the hardware gap really that big or are these missing programming skills?

CurrentDigital1699d ago

It's $1 for each frame-per-second.

jay21701d ago

The PS4 version was the only one on display. Well that says it all..... Show the best.