New Everquest Next: Landmark Videos Showcase the Crafting System

Sony Online Entertainment released today two new videos about the upcoming EverQuest Next: Landmark, that will serve as a world-building precursor to EverQuest Next.

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Chaoticmoon1606d ago

Well it is Sony Online Entertainment so chances are fairly high for it going to PS4 and maybe even crossplay between PC and PS4 :D

showtimefolks1606d ago

yeh i think we may see an announcement soon or at e3

Morpheuzpr1606d ago

I think they will, as a matter of fact now their subscription model applies to all of their SOE games. So get the subscription benefits on Planetside 2 or Everquest or DC universe online ect, all with a single subscription fee.

Maybe that was to appeal to console gamers when those games release on the PS4 or maybe even tablets and other devices when PS Now is fully working.

nikrel1606d ago

If this hits the PS4 i'm going to be blown away.

pedrami911606d ago

Let's see how Planetside 2 fares on the PS4 first before asking for more.