Outlast Could Come to the Xbox One, No Word on ‘Whistleblower’ DLC Release Date

OnlySP: Currently, Red Barrel’s first title, Outlast, is only available on PC and will be available to PS Plus subscribers for the PS4 in February. The studio has not yet announced an Xbox One version of the game, but according to the developers, it’s not out of the question.

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XiSasukeUchiha1362d ago

Outlast Xbone is questionable

PockyKing1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

It was a PC game first so why would it be questionable?

Edit: Probably shoulda looked at his past comments first. Makes sense now ;)

jdiggitty1362d ago

Jesus, he's got 1300 comments since December! Not sure if impressive or just sad.

tee_bag2421362d ago

Lol.. your comment made me have a peek too.

XISasukeUchiha you are the biggest fanboy yet.
1300 pro Sony and anti X1 posts since December. If I took a guess I'd say your mom wrapped you up a PS4 and put it under the Xmas tree saying it was from Santa.

PockyKing1362d ago

If there's an award for the ultimate troll, I think he's won it..

ic3fir31362d ago

is a pc game, xbox has more sense in that the ps4, and first came out in ps4 because xbox with the initial policy has lost some followers of indies, but this has to be recovered again

isa_scout1362d ago

Dude, I have no idea what you are even trying to say. It's called punctuation try it sometime, and I'm not a grammar Nazi or anything either. I didn't disagree with the comment either as I have trouble actually considering it a comment in the first place.

GadgetGooch1362d ago

I completely understood what he said.

_FantasmA_1362d ago

Who cares if it was a PC game? That doesn't have anything to do with Xbocks. PS4 is cheaper, more popular and easier to develop for.

MasterCornholio1362d ago

Actually it makes more sense that its coming out on the PS4 than the Xbox One. Remember Sony has extremely good policies with indies plus they invited these developers to demo their game at their press conference at E3. Microsoft changed their policies not to long ago which is why it will be a while before we see this game on the Xbox One. Then there's the parity clause to consider.

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gjruk1362d ago

Your input on everything Xbox ONE is questionable, every single XB1 article, your on it like a shot to criticise!

Lalanana1362d ago

lol The trolling continues...

GarrusVakarian1362d ago

Need i remind you of some of your past comments? You used to troll all day everyday. That's why you only have one bubble.

LexHazard791362d ago

Dude do you game at all?, I'm trying to figure out how much time you really have to game when your in here it seems like 24/7.

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DEEBO1362d ago

but will it be free is the question?
I had my xbox one 3 weeks now and gamers with gold or whatever its called hasn't put out no free games.Ki (great game)but you get one character.

I got my ps4 on nov15 and so far sony has given me
DCUO(i had on the ps3 but still its free)
blacklight(don't really care for that one)
don't starve
zen pinball 2(three tables )
They might not be big AAA games but i can't complain because they are free.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1362d ago

More like you can't complain because you spent $50 a year to play them.

DigitalRaptor1362d ago

Three of the games he listed don't even require PS+

Regardless of that, PS+ applies to three platforms per account. The value is unquestionably tremendous. On XBL you're getting.....

rarity1362d ago

you don't need a ps plus subscription for three of those......

combatcash1362d ago

Nah we're paying 50 bucks a month to play online, the games are just a bonus.

mgszelda11362d ago

Got 2 yrs with of ps plus for total of $70

DEEBO1362d ago

Not really more like 60 dollars for two years because i pickup playstation+ on black friday and the free month sony gave me and another month with the 10 dollars of credit sony gave ps4 owners. lol i'm good
now i have to pickup some xbox live gold cards next black friday.
maybe by then the x1 will catch-up to playstation+ but i'm not getting my hopes up.
more gaming less hating

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starchild1362d ago

Uh...good for you?

I don't know what this has to do with the topic of the article.

I don't like PS+ because I usually have the games they feature or they are games I don't care that much about playing. I also don't like that you don't really own the games. If you stop paying for PS+ you lose those games. I rather buy the games I want to actually play from Steam and get amazing deals there.

DEEBO1362d ago

no it was talking to the dante fellow with one bubble.
my question was is this game going to be free if it comes to the xbox one?
If it is free cool but if not no biggie but like i said before i own both system's so i'm going to play MS and sony's best games.
but by me having a vita,ps3 and playstation4 plus is a gold mine full of games.

corvusmd1362d ago

Sweet, Outlast is one of the few PS4 console exclusives that I was looking forward steam account is all messed up and I can't download it.

1362d ago
stavrami1362d ago

Didn't think it could as parity clause should be an issue

BitbyDeath1362d ago

MS has an indie related announcement tomorrow which will likely address that.

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