PS4 Sells Out in 30 Minutes at Taipei Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia is dominating the console scene at Taipei Game Show in Tawan, thanks to the fact that Microsoft and Nintendo declined to participate.
At its massive booth Sony also prepared a sales corner where the PS4, that is currently sold out everywhere else in the small Asian country, was offered for sale. The console ran out of stock in 30 minutes.

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miyamoto1668d ago ShowReplies(11)
come_bom1668d ago

I honestly don't understand why all the rush to purchase a PS4. There is no "killer" game released for the PS4 so far, why are people in such a hurry to purchase it. The best games (or bigger games) are still to be released. I understand die hard fanboys purchasing the console in the first day, but the rest...

As for me, I'm getting a PS4 later on, no rush.

Bathyj1668d ago

We just like the feeling of being part of something greater than our individual selves.

I dont see the point of waiting, unless youre worried about reliability, which doesnt seem to be and issue, or price, which would have you waiting a year at least to save 50 bucks.

The better question is why not buy now?

Ive said it before, if there were no early adopters there would be no console industry.

Thats why, we are supporting the one we think will take our beloved pastime forward.

Thatguy-3101668d ago

I figured that if I'm going to buy a ps4 later why not get it now? I mean I'll wait for the games since I have no problem with being patient. Infamous is just around the corner and little things should keep me busy like don't starve, Outlast, battlefield 4 etc.

miyamoto1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Yep it's one of them products, eh?

It's a kind of magic.

A magic mojo that a product possess even before it becomes a huge hit to consumers. And then when the product launches consumers are gobsmacked by the millions.

The appeal and power to sell itself can't be explained by ordinary people nor even the seasoned analysts.

"I honestly don't understand why all the rush to purchase a PS4. "
You are right.
Its really very hard to understand.
Its very hard to wrap your head around the whole craze thing.

Its just there but no one can fathom the phenomenon.

Its one of Sony's secret weapons that Microsoft will never fully understand no matter how much more money they have.

And its also the secret weapon that made the PS4 the tech gadget of year 2013.

That is just how bestselling products go sell like crazy.

Steve Jobs always talk about this synergy thing: he interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Disruptive products have it.

I.E. The Beatles, iPod, iPhone, the original PlayStation, PS2, etc

Bathyj1668d ago

@ dboyc310
Yeah, I wasnt going to get it at launch either, I didnt pre order right away, then I thought, what am I waiting for, I trust the hardware and a price drop wont happen for a while so I didnt see the point.

thejigisup1668d ago

It is because you don't understand that you couldn't understand why people need to have it asap. Get one and you'll quickly realize shit I should've bought this sooner

Akuma071668d ago

I want to play awesome games, there are several awesome games out right now. There are awesome first party titles on the PS4, as well as exclusive indie titles.

Also, when I buy a multiplatform game, I want to play it on the better platform, why deal with the bad-looking PS3 version of something?

It's all about having the best of what is on offer, and the PS4 is exactly that, and nearly 5 million people seem to agree with me.

PeaSFor1668d ago

"I honestly don't understand why all the rush to purchase a PS4"

after 8yrs, i think it was about time to go foward.

i skipped AC4:Blackflag on last gen console because i knew i would get it on ps4...because you know... I WANTED TO.(same thing with pretty much all the latest multiplat games)

"There is no killer game"

well, thats your own opinion and guess what... you arent the ultimate virtue, i always liked Housemarque games and was also enticipating Resogun, so THATS MY KILLER GAME.(same goes with Lumines:Electronic Symphony on ps vita)

"The best games (or bigger games) are still to be released."

so what? OFF COURSE the ps4 will have more games, sky is blue water is wet.

"I understand die hard fanboys purchasing the console in the first day, but the rest..."

again, it got nothing to do with fanboyism, if YOU are struggeling to find a justification for buying a are blatantly not ready to get one, you may want to stay on last gen for a while but im not.

BitbyDeath1668d ago

Think it's getting a lot of casual appeal through Playroom.

pwnsause_returns1668d ago

"There is no "killer" game released for the PS4 so far"

Thats what People said about the PS3 early this gen.

If you believe in the platform, then invest in it. It only makes Developers such as EA to be like, "Damn Thats a Market We need to Tap, ASAP!"

TimeSkipLuffy1668d ago

I got BF4 for free with my preorder. That game cost 60-70 euros right after PS4 release. I sold it and my console was 50€ cheaper. 350€ for a PS4 is a fair enough price ^^

ramiuk11668d ago

i held of games that i knew was being released on ps4,so for me its awesome.
loving every minute

i got mine on launch day as i wanted to be part of history,helping sony break records and by showing my support for what gamers want

jacksons981667d ago

At that price why not get one? I don't see a price drop for the forseeable future. And it's a lot of fun being part of the community early on.

Twinblade1667d ago

Just to be able to have it. Be able to beta test so gamers like you that wait a year or so don't have much problems after we do. So you should be thanking us. lol.

Irishguy951667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I'll never understand it either. But I also don't understand how certain celebrities have such a following, how football and sports players make so much money, how Call of Duty sells so much each year or how anyone would buy a 'new' apple product every year. Same **** different products. Everyone jumps on the hype train and needs one just for the sake of having one.

Magicite1667d ago

because all multiplat games look better on ps4 (out of all consoles).

UnHoly_One1667d ago

For me it was just about the fact that I knew I would want one come March when inFAMOUS came out anyway.

I figured I might as well get it at launch just so that I could say I did, if nothing else.

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GTgamer1668d ago

This is lasting longer than I expected Keep it up Sony.

sinncross1668d ago

What I really hope this does is help strengthen SCEJ/A.

I feel like SCEJ, while their games have been really awesome, have had slow console output. Also, I feel like Sony has no real studios in Asia outside of Japan. I would love to see more more Cantonese, Chinese, Korean etc work being achieved by the Asian brand of PS.

More game cultures means more variety.

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bradleejones1668d ago

I think miamoto was trying to say too bad sony cant produce more ps4 to cover demand. ms does have their product readily available.i have wanted to get one since thanksgiving and no one has them locally since launch. Im not much for shopping online.

Giul_Xainx1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Taiwan.... they spelt Taiwan incorrectly... but that is still awesome to see that gamers everywhere are enjoying the ps4. I bet Microsoft's decision is being reconsidered right now.

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Lovable1668d ago

Can we get some new news please...

Minato-Namikaze1668d ago

Does it count that its a new region?

Lovable1668d ago

No. We all know the moment PS4 gets release it will always sells out...It's a no brainer at this point...

Pogmathoin1668d ago

30 minutes? That was slow.... And thats a good thing...

Narutone661668d ago

The cashiers was slow, that's why it took 30 minutes.

XiSasukeUchiha1668d ago

Awesome news from here on out

Majin-vegeta1668d ago

Don;t they usually have a couple of thousand units for events like this??

Damn selling like hotcakes.

Bathyj1668d ago

Meanwhile at the hotcake factory...

"I wish we had PS4's numbers"

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