7 Terrible Games That Made More Money Than They Should Have

Trevor takes a look at the top 200 highest selling games of all-time and manages to find a few totally craptastic titles on the list.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1399d ago

Anyone else getting an odd vibe from that list?
Like maybe the author had something personal against each and every one of them?

I dunno, I think I'd like to try out Wrath of Cortex sometime, if I find it for a bargain, if only to see whether or not it actually lives up to all the bad reviews.

Noszombie1399d ago

I personally enjoyed Wrath of Cortex and had no idea it had bad reviews :/

abzdine1399d ago

i liked Driver 2 a lot at that time.
wii sports and Play are maybe technically inferior but fun. same goes for Mario Party.

I expected Call of Duty and kinect

Soldierone1399d ago

I liked Wrath of Cortex. The hate for that game didn't seem to pop up until just recently. For some reason the past few days I've randomly been seeing people say they hated that game..... lol

kirbyu1399d ago

Why doesn't the author explain why Mario Party 8 is bad?

sobekflakmonkey1399d ago

I don't really think any of those games are bad. :/

Geobros1399d ago

Because ha has never played it. I really enjoyed multiplayer of MP 8 with my friends and my mrs.

CaulkSlap1399d ago

I found it to be entirely mediocre. Not that it wasn't somewhat entertaining for awhile as a party game with roomates. But Mario Party 8 was the epitome of a lazy quick rehash. Just so many annoying design choices that it never left any good impression for a genre that could have shown off the Wiimote much better.

roland821399d ago

I really enjoyed driver 2.

MatrixxGT1398d ago

Me too, I spent countless hours driving around finding "special cars". I saw that screenshot though and was like "damn". LoL.

JasonKCK1399d ago

Bioshock Infinite sold tons and I'm probably one of the few people who hated it. I agree Medal of Honor Rising Sun was a terrible game.

Iamnemesis48801399d ago

Bioshock was a good game but should have been in rapture glad about the dlc though

sobekflakmonkey1399d ago

You didn't like the floating city in the sky?

JasonKCK1399d ago

I just didn't like it. Love Bioshock but hated Bioshock Infinite. Felt too... casual. The fist game had a level of anxiety and sense of doom. Bioshock Infinite felt like a CoD roller coaster ride in the sky.

dcj05241399d ago

I like infinite but it took the "Bioshock" out of it. If you played the first game at 3 AM with pukse headsets pitch black you would be a very paranoid and scared man. There was tension and mystery and i wanted ti know as much about the story as i could (audio logs). Infinite,a great game in it's self took the tension and mystery of the out imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.