Too Many Side Missions In Open World Games Is A Bad Idea

OnlySP: Though you may not think it, games have objectives themselves. They can have a goal to make us think, make us sad or make us re-evaluate things. However, the number one goal for a game, in my opinion, is to entertain. What is the point of playing a game if it bores you to tears? You become uninterested, annoyed and frustrated that you spent your hard-earned cash on something that you don’t enjoy. How does modern open world gaming rectify this? More objectives. More side missions. More “stuff” to do. Yet is this necessarily a good thing? Let’s discuss.

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maniacmayhem1608d ago

This is my number one problem with A LOT of open world games and why I hardly finish any of them. The side missions just really bore the living hell out of me.

I have yet to finish one GTA because I got bored quickly. Fetch this, shoot that, gain this guys trust, deliver this, repeat, repeat.

I agree with the Batman: AC, those side missions were the best. It made it feel like it's own story not some fetch/filler quest like a lot of these other open world games make you do.

I never played any of the Assassin's Creed games only because they never appealed to me but I understand his point. Good article.

PockyKing1608d ago

Yea, unless your a competitionist player I can't push myself to go through all the fodder content. I normally play the game for the main storyline, do some exploration and then come back to the game every once in a while if I have nothing to play. Pretty much the way I play all open-world games.

nidhogg1608d ago

But for me I love side missions. i don't know, these missions just satisfy the buck I gave for the game. It makes the game longer and that is good. I understand that some people can be bored so fast but sometimes, games like Skyrim, Fallout, and all the others makes it sooo much rewarding despite all the things you have to do which do not relate to the main storyline. That said, I love side missions: It just gives a game some sense of "worth it"-ness for me; longevity and replayability too. so it's fine.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1608d ago

I agree completely with you. The more side missions, the longer the game, the more "bang for your buck" you receive. Also what's an "open world" game without side missions? I think open world games should have as many side missions as developers can cram in there. The beauty is that anyone who disagrees with that, doesn't have to play the side missions.

mobijoker1608d ago

Can't agree more....Side missions sometimes even surpasses the main storyline...Main storyline will unfold no matter what you do...but some side missions quests have to be found...There lies the biggest point of open world games because you have to explore it to find new missions...

anticlimax1607d ago

When sidemissions are a bigger part of the story than the main story, for me, we've got a problem. I don't even remember the main story in Skyrim, all the sidemissions made the game feel scattered to me. (at least in Morrowind the main story changed the world in some ways, it made you remember)

Bigpappy1608d ago

You need side missions in an open world games. But they should not be fetch missions, and should have some substance. When you go to new area, you should be presented with the conditions and then make a choice as to deal with it or leave it as is. So will be happy to just explore and loot, but I like to help shape things. There were missions in Skyrim I never finished because I did not like what they were forcing me to do. I only do what I want to do, so I did not get into the brotherhood or the thieves guilds.

PsylentKiller1608d ago

Side missions in an RPG are worth exploring for me but in a game like Assassin's Creed, they don't seem to add anything to the experience other than give you some money. I think that's why I traded in all my AC games after I beat them.

SpiralTear1608d ago

They should have side missions that actually mean something. Saints Row IV did a great job with side missions. Not only were they really fun to play (especially ones like Insurance Fraud), but they gave you money and XP, which were used to improve your character. They also weren't everywhere: they were plentiful, but not pointlessly common.

Side missions should be fun AND meaningful. A lot of open-world series have lost their way in that regard.

GameSpawn1608d ago

Everything about SR4 was great EXCEPT the damn challenge involving traveling 2.5Mil ft in an Alien vehicle.

This was SUCH a bore. For those not familiar with SR4 that think traveling 2.5Mill ft in any vehicle much less an alien one (considering it was easy to travel that far in vehicles in SR3) would be a natural occurrence -- NOPE, you MUST go WAY out of your way to use alien vehicles throughout the game much less drive/fly them that far. The super powers become the MOST efficient way to get around, so much so that NOT using them and forcing yourself to use alien vehicles is outright painful.

Needless to say I eventually pulled it off with a rubber band and flying in circles with the alien VTOL. It was the last thing I needed before I got my Platinum.

SpiralTear1607d ago

Yes, the super powers do make vehicles rather obsolete, but they fix a big problem that many other open-world games have suffered from: slow transportation between missions.

Saints Row IV made movement exciting and fluid instead of slow and tedious. Getting from one mission to another in other open-world games just plain sucks. It makes the downtime obnoxious. More games need to do what Saints Row IV did, maybe not with superpowers, but by making the transportation exciting.

first1NFANTRY1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

I agree to a certain degree. I found myself latching onto any side quest available in Skyrim and completely forgot about the actual plot. After completing a few SQ i got so bored with the game i traded it in.

So i guess you could say too many side quests can potentially ruin a game.

kratoz12091608d ago

The only open world game that i finished 100% was infamous 2

-Foxtrot1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

AC4 has a ton of stuff to do, I don't mind the missions like Assassin/Naval contracts or the Templar Keys/Mayan Seal quests but it's the chests and animus fragments scattered around the's like REALLY your expecting me to collect all them.

I wouldn't mind but you have like one chest on a small island, so you have to stop your ship, swim out to the island, grab the ONE chest, swim back and repeat....IT'S SO BORING and tedious. I don't mind them in cities because there's loads of them and you can get everything in one go.

You know I've been spending ages trying to platinum the game but totally forgot about the strupid multiplayer trophies <sigh>. Level 55.....HA...I don't think so. I don't understand why they separate DLC content for the game when you click on it but don't separate the Online

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