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thewildbeard1606d ago

Persona 4 Golden's soundtrack is brilliant.

CaptainYesterday1606d ago

Every song is so damn catchy!

1606d ago
3-4-51606d ago

top 5 lists are so lazy

Bimkoblerutso1606d ago

I wish these lists didn't almost always consist of JRPG's and classic NES stuff.

Not that I don't love me some of that bombastic orchestral epicness and catchy chiptunes, but there is so much more good video game music out there.

N2NOther1605d ago

I'm Sean from GH and my list doesn't have any.

Hicken1605d ago

You were the one with all the GTA games. Pretty weak, especially considering how little music in those games is original.

Something of a cop-out list.

N2NOther1604d ago

First of all, the list is "soundtracks," not "scores," so the fact that there is little "original" music in the GTA games is completely irrelevant to the list.

Second of all, I don't really care about scores all that much, which is why my list has 3 GTA games on it. I prefer licensed music.

So how is my list, which adheres to the ONE criteria, and that is that it's a soundtrack in a game, a "cop-out?"


adventureghost1241606d ago

Mine would probably be
Kingdom hearts
Last of us
Sonic in general
Mega man especially the powerglove covers
Scott pilgrim
Personally, I am open to the idea that these may not be the greatest tracks or that there are other better tracks

kythlyn1606d ago

Love Soul Blazer, and the very mention of the name immediately popped the soundtrack into my mind.

dcj05241606d ago

Sonic Rush and JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!