The Daily Five: PlayStation Predictions for 2014

"Instead of waiting it out, we’ve decided to take the lead by predicting five things that will happen throughout the year surrounding the PlayStation brand. A couple of these may be a long shot, but we’re going to take a stab at it anyways." - David Wales

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DigitalRaptor1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Some very realistic predictions. Shenmue on PS4, is not a long shot. Adam Koralik made a great video explaining why it's possible and the logical place for Sega to put it, and why the time would be now.

Can't wait for Suzuki's presentation at GDC with Mark Cerny. Big things are bound to be happening behind the scenes right now.

galgor1701d ago

Shenmue is a long shot, realistically. But the continued support for the series may just bring it back. I wish there was a kickstarter for it, would back it in a heartbeat.

1701d ago
hkgamer1701d ago

damnit... stupid shenmue thumbnail.

Auron1701d ago

that thumbnail brought me here.

Monkey5211701d ago

I honestly can't see them pricing PS Now at $20 a month... that would be such a hard sell. $15 maybe since that is what most MMOs are at, but nothing higher than that.

nerdman671701d ago

It would probably be too expensive to price it lower

nerdman671701d ago

Crash Bandicoot would be more exciting to me than Shenmue 3.
It's been so long since I beat one and two, I would have to play them again anyways. They would be wise to have HD rereleases for them both, and a set of all three you can buy for like, 90 bucks or something

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