Wii U: Why Nintendo's Console Is Your Best Option

Lucas takes a look at the Wii U in comparison to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. He explains his reasoning behind why he believes the Wii U is the console gamers should be buying right now.

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Kingthrash3601706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

the game drought is over? lol.. ok.
diverse gaming ok.
invite your friends over..(because you can't do that with the other consoles) ok.
smh this was a sad article to read. funny, but sad. nintendo is a awsome company but they need to wake up. gamers have spoken with their wallets and bought consoles that cost more has less games and some are still waiting to buy these higher priced consoles.
i hope they wake up soon because what they got isnt enough. after a year..over a year in fact they brought us nothing but the same old stuff. at least the wii brought wii sports what NEW has the wiiu brought? x1 brought ryse...ps4 broght knack...yeah they wernt good games but they were new. they tried, nintendo hasnt and that is only a small reason why the wiiu in over a year has sold less than a 3 month old ps4.

wonderfulmonkeyman1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Way to ignore games like Zombi U and The Wonderful 101, and Rayman Legends which was designed around the Wii U first and foremost and sold best there, amongst other great offerings from both smaller third parties and indies.

Seriously, keep your laughs un-chuckled. Sales aren't everything; his opinion is more than fair here.

ajkula1705d ago

Why best option ?
...Maybe because of things like this? Lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

You do know there's a counter article to that that says it's NOT canceled, right?
And that the article you're citing is from an anonymous consumer?

Seriously, just no. Even if it WAS canceled?
You'd be blowing it up into a WAY bigger deal than it is.
You have no valid point.

Cuzzo631705d ago

Sales are everything my friend. If the sales are not there the support won't either. Sooner or later it dies out.

Kingthrash3601705d ago

i love nintendo....wonderful monkey...i do.
but they've fumbled bigtime. wake up my friend, thw wii woke a ton of people up. nintendo has dropped the ball and if they dont pick it up they are gunna fall like sega did. i worry for them and hope that never happens, but just becuse i wish them the best isnt gunna sell systems.
at the end of the day SALES are what matter.
no sales, no money. end of story.

N4g_null1705d ago

With nothing you like on the wiiu is still out selling the ps4. Almost no commercials and no 3rd party hype yet... Yet it is is in first...

I think the vita may die before the wiiu it seems. Even patcher who hates Nintendo thinks so.

Plus realize the above just admitted their games suck, but wow it still sold... that is called fan boys first adopters. Why would any one buy a console without good games... that cost more... hype and promises.

Congrats on being a more loyal fan base and eating true cap from the 1st parties efforts.

Nintendo land is still a better new game play experience than knack, smbw3d wipes the floor with it. Killzone is still boring and cod ghost is there best game right now.

Tito081705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

@Scissor- How is the Wii U outselling the PS4 when it came out a year ago, and PS4 is on it's way to outsell it with only 3 months on the market, and I heard not really good things about Nintendoland, so please, don't make yourself seem like an obvious clown.

NeoTribe1705d ago

Rayman legends will be and look better on ps4. Fact. Theres no reason to buy a wii u. Most of us are over the age of twelve.

wonderfulmonkeyman1705d ago

@ Neo, sorry, but looks aren't everything unless you're shallow.
It plays best on Wii U. Deal with it.

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starchild1705d ago

The Wii U has a lot of unique games to offer that you can't get on any other platform. I can see why some people would choose it.

Some of my PC gamer friends chose to get a Wii U to go along with their PCs because it has so many games that are different than what you can get on the PC.

thezeldadoth1705d ago

I'm primarily a PC gamer and also bought a Wii U. The other two consoles would be redundant if you have a good gaming pc.

Chrischi19881705d ago

Same here. I see it the same way. Its not like I dont like the Xbox or PS4, I know why so many people like it, but my new gaming pc from last year and Wii U gets everything there is for me. The exclusives of PS4 and Xbox just cannot best my love for the RTS genre and so I get all the good multiplats and have Nintendos exclusives. But if ninty gets a good multiplat, I consider getting it for the wii u, because I want to support ninty in their dark times. And because I just want to be able to play the games fluid, visuals dont matter that much for me, we dont speak of differences lile CoD Black Ops on Wii and PS3.

truechainz1705d ago

lol so you would rather have crappy new games than good ones based of old properties?

if this is how the majority of gamers think now then I am glad to be different.

user55757081705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

the wiiU has low sales because nintendo failed to continue to reach out to the casual market that the original wii had captured. they're unable to compete with sony and ms for the hardcore market anymore because they dont have the money to throw around on high specs and third party titles and dlc. and they still carry the perception that their machine is for little kids

as far as im concerned the wiiU will only sell around 25-35mil lifetime and those sales will come from the people who love nintendo's main franchises.

that being said when you compare gaming libraries and price AT THE MOMENT the wiiU is the better than the x1 and ps4...however idk if ill be saying the same thing a year from now

Chrischi19881705d ago

Nintendo could spend way more for games, but they choose not to. Nintendo is the only one of the 3, who actually made money worth mentioning. Sony struggled with this, but were able to turn it around and when exactly did MS ever make profit with the console business? I am not denying that the business model of MS "losing money, because of buying games" is good for the consumer, but not for MS.

Kos-Mos1705d ago

If you don`t loose a bubble over this hopeless comment full of grammar error and bullcrap, there is something wrong with this world.

Kingthrash3601705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

scissor^^^^^people like this are hurting nintendo more than helping

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_QQ_1706d ago

Lets say you have a gaming PC, yes.
now lets add personal preference to the equation, can't say.

g-nome1705d ago

No , the Wii U is the best SECOND console for the house where everybody can play Mario and the rest.

starchild1705d ago

Actually, it kind of just comes down to personal preference.

DJMarty1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

RLOL.................who writes & believes this crap.

come on 'Its It’s Unique'(it's not)

Unique is an overly used word, most using it don't even know it's meaning.

'It's all grown up'(it's not)

Nintendo has never been for adults, they just keep putting out the usual kiddy crap every generation.

ape0071705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

i believe that no self respected gamer can waste the wiiu, no sane gamer can waste the amazing golden lineup of games for wiiu

say what you u want about third parties(yes it's affecting the system) the wiiu is a must buy in my personal view, at least as companion system to an Xbox one, ps4 or a PC

Ratty1705d ago

Nope. Wii U games aren't for everyone, buddy. And they're only a fraction of the whole market. Yours isn't the only opinion that matters.

Dante811705d ago

Nintendo's games are only kiddie to kids. You've just exposed yourself.

Cuzzo631705d ago

It's unique because it's another Nintendo console bombing

Summons751705d ago

being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Pretty sure no other system gives the gamepad that brings a whole new dimension to games with a handful of games and more on the way built completely around and for the gamepad, plus seamless off screen play right out of the box. Pretty sure that fits the definition of unique. Nintendo doesn't just target kids as you ignorantly think. They clearly target everyone attracting older and younger people which is what gives them a nice edge. I get it though, you're too 'grown up' to play anything that doesn't have blood, explosions, and the ability to beat hookers....that's what truly makes a game, certainly not how fun you have with the gameplay because it was well designed. Nope, if it doesn't have guns, booze, and b***hes then it's clearly for kids and can't a game MATURE people play.

Sure Ps4 can do off screen play with vita but 1) that's spending an extra 200 bucks for something devs don't really care about. 2) You NEED to be online and it is NOT seamless (good quality when it is but that's rare). 3) The Vita dead in the water at this point with only a handful full of good games, all of them for a niche audience (Yes, I have a Vita...but I pretty much only use it for the Psone games so I can play FF at work)

Chrischi19881705d ago

You mean, how you guys use the term "next gen" wrong?

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