Super Smash Bros. Characters Who Shouldn’t Make the Cut

Front Towards Gamer lists quite a few Smash Bros. characters that well, should never be seen again...

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ReesesPuffs1490d ago

I'm definitely 100 percent alright with the copy and paste characters (Ganon, Wolf, Lucas,ect...) being removed as it takes away slots for potential unique fighters for SSB's future. I would be very dissapointed if Ike and Snake didn't make the cut but at this point who honestly knows. Can't wait to see the full roster in the months to come.

trenso11490d ago

why was king dedede(however you spell it) on this list i didnt feel he had much to add to the game same goes for wario. I know lucario probably wont be coming back but i hope we at least get more pokemon like a pokemon trainer 2 with johto starters.

kirbyu1490d ago

King Dedede has already been confirmed to return.

trenso11490d ago

literally just learned about this 30 minutes ago lol.

kirbyu1490d ago

How does ROB not represent an era of Nintendo?

DylanTierney1490d ago

I feel like Wii Fit Trainer takes the torch of "out there" characters.

MNGamer-N1490d ago

Bye bye Jigglypuff. Terrible. And even though I like Pikmin, Olimar was weak as hell. Loved his Rocket smash though that was great.

EcoSos31490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Jigglypuff will be returning because he is from the original 12.

link2Dpast1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

i always referred to jigglypuff as a her lol weird to see it in that way

EcoSos31490d ago

It could be either its never specified which gender Jigglypuff is in smash but I always refer it to as a he.