Metroid-esque Game ReVeN First Trailer Released

Junkie Monkeys: We recently interviewed Varia Games about their upcoming game ReVeN and it is slated to hit the Wii U and PC. Varia Games have recently released the very first trailer for this Metroid inspired game!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1634d ago

Looks like a fun one!
Official Metroid titles are awesome, but too few and far between, so anything that fills the gap between them is a good thing, especially when they're of quality like this.
The only thing I'm iffy about is the mining/crafting system, but I'm open-minded so I'll give it a try before crying foul on it.

Treezy5041634d ago

Yeah I'm interested as well, plus the devs said they are going to try to bring it to the Vita/PS4 later one as well.

rdgneoz31634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Would love for them to do that. It looks like a good game, and the more people that get to play it the better.

Edit: Damn, only 200k for them to do a PS4/Vita version. Shouldn't be a problem once the kickstarter goes live.

Retroman1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

buy this alone, that's not a FPS open world game something NEW and refreshing im sold.

developer of MIGHTY #9 said mighty # 9 need over 2 million to be on ps4 and ReVEN made it on ps4 with 200k??? what gives??

NINTENDO are you paying attention bring back 2D side scrolling METROID.

Godmars2901634d ago

Metroid meets Biohazard.

AKissFromDaddy1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I really hope this is Alpha because then it can only look better. I also hope for gamepad support. Additionally, the background music is nice.

Actually all the info about this game, including it's Kickstarter and stretch goals is here.

XtraTrstrL1634d ago

Eh, not into the zombies in every game. Would be better to just go for unique alien types. A game like this would also be suitable for HD Sprites and smoother animation. They should be using something like Spriter to animate. I've been waiting for devs to do more Metroid type games forever though, so good to see someone atleast catching on and attempting it.

FamilyGuy1634d ago

I love 2D side scrollers
Action focused or platformer style.

BosSSyndrome1634d ago

VARIA games?
The similarities never end.

lilbroRx1633d ago

Neither does people copying Nintendo's ideas.

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The story is too old to be commented.