Dice Wants Your Feedback On Battlefield 4 Balance Tweaks

Dice developers are looking for feedback on important balance tweaks in Battlefield 4. The tweaks are related to attack boats, anti-air, jets, vehicles and tanks.

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eyeDEVOUR1551d ago

how about tweak it so that the damn thing WORKS?

DA_SHREDDER1551d ago

Quit be so harsh and just say what u want,be specific too or y bother?

Rimeskeem1551d ago

how bout this

Dice please can you fix



It does work now? Sure their are a few bugs, but Crashing, lagging and anything that made the game unplayable are fixed, What platform are you on?

DARK WITNESS1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

i still get lag and booted from games

parentoftheyear1551d ago

I want to balance my checkbook back $60.

GuyThatPlaysGames1551d ago

What a troll. How about up the damage a tank does to a human soldier? Other than that the game is great to me!

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Gardenia1551d ago

Fix the netcode/lag first

SmoothC9111551d ago


Hit detection, lag and rubber banding are my greatest nemesis when playing!

Shadonic1551d ago

Literally ran into 3 games straight with this exact problem. Needs to be fixed ASAP

Majin-vegeta1551d ago

If they can fix that i can live with it.The other bugs and nerfs/buffs can come later.

Pillsbury11551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

OH I WILL give them some feedback...

PlayStationdominance1551d ago

Wow. They have the audacity to ask gamers for feedback after all the issues associated with their game.

I'm lost for words...

Pogmathoin1551d ago

You joined 3 hours ago, who were you before that?? The game is a mess, of course they want feedback. Missing a spark? Lost for words? Not surprising....

PlayStationdominance1551d ago

Who was I before that? Me. :D

DICE have always released games that have been buggy and glitch.

Denial of the truth is something I can never understand.

Funny regardless.


It works fine for me on Xbox Juan! ;)

sovietsoldier1551d ago

problem is that when they make the game they have too many options and that just leads to imbalance in the system. like the aa system for example, why do you need aircraft,choppers mobile aa and manpads on a small map when a single mobile aa or only manpads would work? its a clear example of too much when all you need is a little and there would be no balance issues.

IanVanCheese1551d ago


9/10 I've got a lock on me before my chopper has even left my base.

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The story is too old to be commented.