Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A Medieval Open-World RPG That’s All Realism and No Fantasy | OnlySP

OnlySP: After a blitzkrieg social media push, Kingdom Come: Deliverance made £180,000 (approx. $300,000 USD), over half of its Kickstarter funding goal, in less than a day. Comparatively, Double Fine’s Broken Age cleared $1M USD after day two and Wasteland 2 took three days to pass $1M USD and even those had the star power of Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo, respectively. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is making waves not by trying to sell some mystical product with hare-brained influences, but by offering a gritty, medieval experience with gameplay examples to back it up. The blend of first-person combat, open-world questing, and gorgeous displays all come together to highlight a game that will hopefully be worth waiting for.

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ATi_Elite1668d ago


(throws credit card at the screen) How come it's not downloading YET?

I watched exactly 40 seconds of the video before heading over to the website for early entry information.

Skyrim like gameplay mixed with Thief gameplay all on the CryEngine 3. Say no more just take my money NOW!

PockyKing1668d ago

I've been waiting for a game like this since I started gaming. I tried Mount and Blade but didn't really enjoy it all that much. I had the same reaction lol.

1668d ago
nerdman671668d ago

Only SP?
That is a bit of a problem.
I will definitely be mad about that after playing it for 60+ hours