Amazing Fan-Made Battlefield 4 Trailer – Better Than The Real Thing?

MP1st - It looks like DICE's video production team might have a potential recruit on their hands.

YouTuber TheFloppyRagdoll has clearly got some talent when it comes to video editing and simply making an amazing, cinema-quality trailer for a game he loves to play - Battlefield 4, in this case.

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AKissFromDaddy1668d ago

This so good. The creator should be on the payroll.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1668d ago

if this trailer really represented the game then it would cut out half way due to server issues, aaahahahaha.

but seriously though, nice trailer

meatnormous1668d ago

With all of battlefields problems, I would rather play it than COD. I really haven't had as much fun with friends in a long time since we all agreed to give battlefield a shot. I bought battlefield 3 but none of my friends would give it a chance.

kornbeaner1668d ago

Nice, I remember a fan did the same thing for Treyarch during World at War and he got a job at Treyarch. I like this trailer because it's honest, most of the footage is from within the game, not all the cut-scenes clipped and pasted together. Nice Job!

babis19741668d ago

great job but i would like to see the true video about lag in servers in conquest and every other game over 40 players in battlefield 4, it's sad but it's true i can't play in servers over 40 or 50 people the lag is big even without a vehicle