Bloober Team Dates Basement Crawl for PS4

Bloober Team Readies the First Must-Have Downloadable Title for PlayStation 4 with Four-Player Local, Eight-Player Online Multiplayer

North American Release Date to Be Announced Soon

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ChaosKnight1664d ago

Thanks for pasting the press release, bro. Totally couldn't have gotten that information anywhere else!

ftwrthtx1664d ago

Wait... Someone used a press release as a press release? Imagine that.

ChaosKnight1664d ago

Wait, someone used a press release as an article to score cheap hits on their site? Imagine that.

ftwrthtx1664d ago

How is passing relative info along construed as cheap hits? Or is this just someone with sour grapes because they aren't getting a few hits out of it?

admiralvic1664d ago

I'm confused, how are you using it as a press release?

A press release is a document released to the press to make them aware of news and or information they want them to cover. If they wanted you to just paste the press release, they would send the press release out like a news letter.

ftwrthtx1664d ago

Looking forward to this one. Looks like fun.

knifefight1664d ago

Thought this was a joke at first o_O
Bloo...ber? I remain cautiously curious.

ZodTheRipper1664d ago

How come? It's an independent studio based in Poland. I'll gladly support them if the game is good.

TerminalGamer1664d ago

Sounds like an interesting game