Xbox One's Creator: "I'm extremely proud of the architecture"

Meet the Xbox One creator, Boyd Multerer, who confesses to be extremely proud of the console's multi-layered architecture.

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THC CELL1666d ago

U might be but certain gamers aren't

kaiserfranz1666d ago

I'd say most gamers at this point. Just a hunch.

jackanderson19851666d ago

i'm happy with it and i'd say the very high majority of the over 3 mil who have the console are aswell

Fishy Fingers1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"Most gamers" don't give a s*** about a consoles architecture.

mhunterjr1666d ago

I'd think 'most'is a stretch the xb1 is selling fine, and most gamers don't know shit about architecture...

afterMoth1666d ago Show
jatakk1666d ago Show
Bathyj1666d ago

Actually the architecture doesnt bother me as much as the direction and policies. Xbone is a nice ship with a rotten captain.

Moncole1666d ago

I don't Care because I don't plan on buying it.

GTgamer1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Wait so he's proud that his architecture limits devs :/.

Pogmathoin1666d ago

Aftermoth getting agrees is sickening. The other guy gets flagged for personal attack, crazy.
Also, 'most gamers don't give a shlt about architecture' ya serious, its all people have been bitching about here since both consoles announced....

Army_of_Darkness1666d ago

Of course he is gonna say that he is proud of his work LOL! No one wants to get fired for creating failure...

lolCHILLbro1665d ago

Aslong as Xbox One is getting games i will be playing them!

DoubleM701665d ago

Speak for yourself ONLY!

1665d ago
YellowTempes1665d ago

Because no one would ever like a Next-Gen Console that looks like a VCR.

redwin1665d ago

I have both consoles and I have NO problem with the Xbox One, I'm glad I bought it. I like the cinematic games from Sony but I love playing online with the Xbox and I buy my games accordingly.

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creatchee1666d ago

Gamers don't care about architecture - they care about games. Whether or not you personally like them or find them superior or inferior to those available elsewhere is irrelevant.

DonDon1666d ago

Xbox One can't even handle a last-gen game in 60 fps. If you ask me, i'd say the Xbox One is barely next gen. It's better than the Wii U, but not by enough to justify moving on from 360 to XBONE.

The PS4, however, is a reasonably good enough leap for next gen (especially with beauties like "Infamous Second Son").

Lol I don't even know how Xbox One is gonna handle real next gen games like "The Division".

Joey_Leone1666d ago Show
Ausbo1666d ago

Its obviously can handle the game since it is coming to the system. Ubisoft isnt gonna release a bad looking game

lawgone1666d ago

Smh...that's all I can do when I read immature comments like this. And what is with the LOL before your last sentence? I'm trying to picture someone laughing while saying that and it's not a good picture that comes out.

Software_Lover1666d ago

You do realize the dev stated that the game "slows down" for the ps4 also. It's not a solid 60fps.

KiLLUMiNATi_891665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Power is the only thing that determines next gen then? Previous great consoles were never next gen then such as ps1,ps2 and wii.. Doesn't come down to games?

Alexious1665d ago

I agree that the Xbox One is disappointing in power, especially after Microsoft got the crown with the first Xbox and was able to fight evenly during the last generation even though PS3 came out a year later.

This time, it was a mess though.

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FragMnTagM1666d ago

The circle jerk around here is sickening. I have an XBOX One and am really happy with it. Everyone I know that has one likes it as well.

I am getting a PS4 here in a few days as well. I game because I like to game. Not because I am a fan of a piece of plastic and metal.

I won't be able to play Halo 5 on my PS4 and I won't be able to play Uncharted 4 on my XBOX One, pretty simple shit here.

I have a gaming PC that wipes the floor with both of them combined. Why can't we just enjoy gaming for gaming and leave the fanboy/girl shit at the door?

WeAreLegion1666d ago

Circle jerk? Look how many Agrees Xbox fans are getting compared to the Disagrees.

I'd say the playing field is evening out.

Cupid_Viper_31666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I have always envied those lucky folks who owns PCs that does various household chores for them such as:

wiping floors using other electronics devices such as PS4 and XBoxes etc. At least the wife would no longer nag me about the damn dirty floor

Or sometimes they even "Blow things out the water", which might be useful in a sinking ship come to think of it.

Sorry guys, I was thinking out loud. Carry on

lawgone1666d ago

@Frag...I'm with you. I have an Xbox One and just purchased a PS4 last night. I like them both yet I constantly have to defend purchasing the Xbox One from little kids that spend the day trashing it.

@WeAreLegion...Maybe the tide is turning. That sure would be nice because it has been out of control for quite some time. Real gaming news goes to the back while Xbox/Microsoft trashing is front and center every damn day. I ALMOST didn't get the PS4 because of their annoying fanboys. I hope to not run into too many of them on PSN.

Death1666d ago

I take it you are not impressed with 4 duplicate stories on the top of N4G then. That's the problem with some of the more hardcore Sony fans, they always feel the need to dominate and nothing is ever good enough if it's not on their chosen system.

I skipped the PS4 at launch mostly due to the people here in N4G that do nothing but beat their chest about how great the system is and trash the competition. They think they are helping Sony out, but in reality it turns many people off. When a couple good games hit the system that I like I am sure I'll get one, but I am in no hurry.

Smootherkuzz1665d ago

Then people can't bitch, it more fun to spread bull. Sign of the times.

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I dare say, If the Xbox One had the same hardware specs as PS4 but used the same OS, Arch, and DX11 API, it would outperform the PS4 noticeably!

sinspirit1666d ago

What? No. The OS makes the One run even slower so no it wouldn't perform better then PS4 if they both had the same specs. It would be equal or slightly less.

MRMagoo1231666d ago

I dare say you would be wrong!


What? lol ok... You guys are in such denial and have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to software. Please explain why not? PLEASE!

DoubleM701665d ago

The problem is people will not let these machines settle in. Let the Devs get a year or two on the xbox one. It will start showing how great the system is.

2v11665d ago

i dare say that my cable box is better than your cable box

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afterMoth1666d ago

It isn't offensive. What I said is 100% truth. Most parents love their kids no matter what their kids struggle with.

mrpsychoticstalker1665d ago

That kind of comparison is not acceptable. This is a video games website.

Mr Pumblechook1666d ago

A neighbour down my road has a son with learning difficulties. He can't pronounce his words clearly, he has difficulty with his hand to eye coordination and he gets frustrated because it means he doesn't win when racing the other kids. But bless his kind mum because she can see all the effort he puts into everything he does. She has said of him "I am extremely proud of him."

BX811665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )


Back-to-Back1665d ago

Wonder if he is proud that he achitecture cant run a last gen game(Tomb Raider) at 60fps?

My guess is no.

otherZinc1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I've been gaming since 1976 & Pong, yes, they did it right.

Sunday I played Forza 5 & watched the Broncos Patriots game. It was great.

Also, with TitanFall & Halo 5 on the way lets me know they covered games & entertainment. Also, Quantum Break, Plants vs Zombies, Project Spark, Fable Legends, Kinect Sports Rivals releasing in 2014, is proof they have the gamer in mind.

The quickness of the switching between tv, games, snap, skype, I can go on all day. This is a well thought & made console. My family loves the X1.

Smootherkuzz1665d ago

Keep having fun, forget all the crap here. That's the sign of a true gamer and family fun. Game on.

MuhammadJA1665d ago

What do gamers know besides arguing their fanboyism?

Magicite1665d ago

Father is proud of its child? Oh what a surprise!

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come_bom1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

"Xbox One's Creator: "I'm extremely proud of the architecture""

Did anybody expect him to say bad things about his architecture ?

The problem with the X1 is that it's not specifically designed to be a gaming console. It's a box that does everything... but doesn't do anything specially well.

Globox20121666d ago

Could you imagine if he said it was the worst thing he ever made?

(Not that I think its the worst thing, I rather like my X1)

PeaSFor1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

next time put more effort in it, the power supply could be included in the box if you really want to call it a "all-in-ONE" product.

1 console
+1 power supply/brick
+1 camera
+1 cable box

its far to be "all-in-one" when you need 3 more things near plugged into it.

Dehnus1666d ago

But I like external power supplies, provided the supply isn't too big. When it breaks I can just get another. And yes Power supplies do break alot, especially with my power provider.

I place it behind the monitor anyway so I won't see it, so I don't really see the problem to it.

WeAreLegion1666d ago

Power supplies break a lot? Are you absolutely sure about that?

ShwankyShpanky1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I'd suggest investing in a surge suppressor if you're having that many problems with your power supplies.

heisenberguk1666d ago

Where do you live? In a trailer park?

hellzsupernova1665d ago

My pc is turning ten this year same power supply since day ps2 still has the same power supply since day one.

It is probably the least likely part to break.

Dehnus1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Wow, attack of the fanboys much?

Yes powersuplies break, and quite often if you are in a very old city who's power lines and distribution stations are old as well. The power provider also makes mistakes, but relay stations mostly surge or burn through causing surges.

But thank you for calling someone trailer trash and other nice things. Again.. Sony Fanboys are allowed to say whatever they like here.. but if you even point at them they whine like small children. I bet you can report this one as a "personal attack" as well.

Just because Americans don't have cities older then 250 years, doesn't mean we in Europe are equally undeveloped. When these power lines and distribution stations where laid down and build they had to take into account the city's planning and room they had. They did so with the electric requirements that was normal in that day and age.

For that same reason I can't get an Internet Connection over 12mbps.

Seriously it is a bloody small power supply that comes with my Wii U? I put it behind my monitoring a place where you don't even see it. Why is THAT such a red cloth on your fanboy rage?

Smootherkuzz1665d ago

I like a module system, that you can replace the part that fails on the fly. Today everything is throw and buy a new system.

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nukeitall1666d ago

Power supply isn't part of the architecture.

PeaSFor1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


"architecture" include more than what's on the main pcb

Back-to-Back1665d ago

For starters a decent gpu would have benefited them the most.

Thepharaoh1666d ago

This article is going to explode
OT:Kinda hope that at least he would proud of it. If the lead architect isn;t confident then i don't know who would be...

True_Samurai1666d ago

And I'm proud of purchase Boyd. :-) really happy about my x1