Machinima and Microsoft Aren’t a Big Deal, Here’s Why

FRONTBURNR: This past week has been a headache for me on social media. The buzz has been on the outrage of Microsoft working with Machinima to offer CPM bonuses for favorable content on the Xbox One. I try to ignore it but it keeps coming back. Isn’t it time for the general community to find something else to be outraged about? Heck, Senran Kagura Burst is in the 3DS eShop and I swear it sets back any discussion of gender equality by years. No? We want to bellyache about CPM bonuses? Hold on to your butts then, because I am going to lay some truth on you. It’s not an uncommon practice.

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Eddie201011636d ago

It is deceptive to the consumer without giving the proper disclosure to the consumer. The fact that they had these YouTube people sign a nondisclosure agreement lends to the fact that they knew what they were doing was dishonest and unethical.

The excuse that a lot of company's do this is a very poor and childish excuse. Dishonest is dishonest no matter how many people do it.

Getting people to give a paid for opinion with limitations and nondisclosure is completely dishonest and manipulative.

Pogmathoin1635d ago

Exactly Eddie, any company that does this or anything else to deceive the public is dishonest... Imagine a movie company letting its staff see an early screening of its movie, then having them say its a wonderful blah blah when its a pile of shlt, but at least the staff got a bonus.... Disgraceful.... Your right, this kind of thing is dishonest...

Zuperman1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

It is a BIG DEAL because I don't wanna live in a world full of puppets.

You either give us the VERY BEST Microsoft can deliver or simply GO AWAY.

You can't BUY US!

SpiralTear1635d ago

Yes, which is why no company should be able to do it, Microsoft included.

MysticStrummer1635d ago

I thought the article might actually offer a relevant explanation for why it's not a big deal, but no such luck.

Godmars2901635d ago

Basic drawn out "Because the industry has always done things like this."

Not that it makes such right, just that its been going on for a long time.

starchild1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I'm sorry, when any fanboy can make a video and mislead people it's really hard for me to worry a lot about companies paying youtubers to advertise their products.

I think fanboyism is a MUCH greater threat to the health of the gaming community.

Fake user reviews, biased commentary, FUD and propaganda are ubiquitous on the internet, and guess what!.. it's not nefarious backroom deals carried out by greedy companies that is behind most of it. No, the majority of it is done entirely for free by an army of irrationally devoted fanboys. There are literally millions of radical fanboys misleading people every day.

Volkama1635d ago

Ah that kind of FUD and vitriol doesn't penetrate nearly as much as those types think it does.

Step out of N4G comments and speak to some 'real people' and generally nobody knows or cares about the crusades of the more disturbed and emotional zealots round here :)

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maniacmayhem1636d ago

"Video game community, this is my plea: Please, please, please stop getting worked up over such silly and trivial things."

This is what should have been the main title and banner for all gamers to live by.

"Business sponsorship and advertising has infiltrated a lot of what we do these days."

Which is now more important than ever to just judge for yourself when it comes to games. That is why I strongly recommend Gamefly or any other gaming rental service. When a game is praised or hyped, no matter what I rent it first..(unless I am honestly excited for it, Mario Kart 8).

But to go on forums and just write pure hate and be so upset about something that has no effect on you personally is so ridiculous and such a big waste of time.

agentxk1636d ago

Very well said. I work in the industry and if there is a game I want to play, I do look at what my peers say for context, then I usually gamefly it if someone at my outlet already got it.

Gamefly is the bees knees!

Eddie201011635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

It is only trivial if you like being a sheep, being lied to and manipulated. Many people pay attention to these bought and payed for opinions and many care weather they are honest or not. Pay-Off's by a huge company or any company should not be looked at trivially.

Companies paying people for positive only opinions is manipulative and dishonest and also shows low confidence in there product, that it's quality can't speak for it's self.

Making excuses for this kind of behavior by a Major and influential company is just weak.

maniacmayhem1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

It's only a big deal if you have nothing else worth while in your small life. These are video games Eddie, not world politics, poverty, or economics.

You claim I'm making excuses for something that has been going on throughout history for many years. I'm not, there's no excuse because I don't care, this has no effect on me because I'm smart enough to make my own decisions and form my own opinions on any subject, ESPECIALLY something as simple as video games.

And where in the Machinima statement does it say the users had to say positive and glowing reviews? I looked through the conditions and no where does it state they HAVE to give a positive review. They were told to show the game and mention you are playing it on Xbox One.

Coke is the number one soda in the world and yet they spend over a billion for advertisements, positive opinions and product placements. You think the Coke company doesn't have confidence in their product? You think the quality hasn't spoken for itself over the DECADES it's been number one?

No, companies stay relevant by advertisements. Bombarding the public with their product to stay relevant no matter what place their in. All it takes is for Pepsi (which they have on occasion) to hit the nail on the head with a brilliant promotion to boost sales and take the number one spot.

So stop with this make excuses, sheep mentality. This is nothing more than another event for a group of whiners to point their fingers and say: "SEE, SEE, I TOLD YOU THEY'RE EVIL!"

Eddie201011635d ago

You can plainly see that there are more people with a similar opinion to mine than your passive little opinion. I'm a gamer, it's something I"m concerned about. Frankly as a consumer I don't like being lied to or manipulated.

Clearly companies think this can sway peoples opinion or they would not do these things.

agentxk1635d ago

Lots of people watch Fox news too, Eddie. Doesn't mean they are right.

maniacmayhem1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

There are NOT more people who share your opinion Eddie. In fact there's this whole wide world outside of N4G who can care less and most of those in that world are gamers just like you.

If companies are lying and manipulating you then what does that say about yourself? Are you truly that easy to control? Maybe it's your sheep mentality that is easily fooled and what all these companies aim their advertisements at.

And I asked you where in Machinima's statement does it say a user must give praise to an Xbox One game or machine?

Do you even know? Or do you just parrot what the masses on N4G say and tell you? I'm guessing this is why you share their opinion.

Eddie201011634d ago


Doesn't mean they are wrong because you say so. That works both ways.


Please leave a link to the information or contract that you have supposedly read.

You are parroting the opposing opinion, I mean I know you don't care because it's just video games.

As for the world comment thanks for expressing the obvious.

Microsoft just had the program stopped and ask the participants to include disclosure in the videos that already exist. You maybe think that they might be acknoledging there is some wrong doing somewhere.

If I watched one of these videos and thought that what they were saying was truth, and without knowing anything about them being paid for showing the the Xbox brand in a positive light and assuming they were giving an honest opinion. Then later on found out about this dishonesty. I might feel a little manipulated and lied to. In spite of the magical world you live in it does happen. It doesn't make anyone stupid like you insinuate.

The problems lies with the act most of all, not weather people think they can be duped or not.
This is a consumer rights issue most of all.

You making several post's basically saying the same thing over and over,seems kinda redundant since you don't care because it's just video games.

My opinion is that it is week to make excuses for dishonest behavior and I stick by it.

maniacmayhem1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Here you go:

Please show me where it states a person must state a positive review of the Xbox One or it's games.

You made just as many excuses and you don't seem to understand that there was no requirement to make a positive review of the system. There is a clause that says not to say anything negative, but it has nothing to do with being forced to make a positive review.

For example:

I'm making a walkthrough video for CoD:Ghosts for X1. I would only be required to say I am playing it on the Xbox One and show actual footage of the game running on Xbox One. That's it, my obligation is fulfilled.

Not once did I have to lie and say the Xbox One is the greatest machine ever.

This is what you and others are not understanding which is why I feel you just see what others are posting and running with it. Your making a weak attempt at trying to make this a bigger deal than it is.

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Gunstar751636d ago

It's nice to see the folk on N4G stand up for consumer law and stuff, but let's be honest, you've only been bothered about this kind of practice since it supported your anti-xbox agendas....which by itself is a little sad.

Why aren't you campaigning about something wothwhile, like dolphins getting caught in tuna nets??

I love this website - it offers hours of entertainment.

BlackTar1871635d ago

you're asking why arn't N4g people campaigning about something completlty unrelated to the website or the topics here?

Well......................... ......

I got nothing. You act as if this was brought down on Sony this site wouldn't explode from all the people hiding in bunkers just waiting for bad sony news.

You should have thought this out

Baka-akaB1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

If this isnt barrel scrapping i dunno what it is . I dunno i which universes you guys live in , people wouldnt miss neither Nintendo or Sony in that kind of scandal or any fiasco either .

Hell the site was filled with nintendo centric article at the mere mention of financial woes

starchild1635d ago

Bullshit. Sony handed out free PS4s and other swag to journalists and it spawned a little bit of discussion, but nothing remotely close to the way you guys are blowing this out of proportion.

But it doesn't surprise me. It's what you guys do. Most of you have been doing it for many years.

When you see a pattern of behavior over a period of years in the same individuals it becomes obvious what those people are about. You guys jump at any opportunity to attack Sony's rivals, no matter how small, or even non-existent, the supposed offense is.

Baka-akaB1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Bullshit indeed .. when that fake psp blog happened , people jumped on it . Just like everything negative that happened with Sony . But you'd rather keep the blinders , and live in a world where apparently n4g (or its gaf now ? right ?) control the output of MS negative centric article for the world .

But it doesn't surprise me. It's what you guys do .

For years that wind blew toward one main constant target , and not even as some conspiracy , but mostly because at first they kinda deserved it , and well the press love sensationalism .

But now you guys wanna pretend it aint true , and that some omnipotent sony force is the rule here . Bullshit indeed .. some tide just changed , and the press is still about sensationalism

Godmars2901635d ago

No, pretty sure everyone had a laugh when Sony created a fan site for the PSP while trying to hide that fact.

Granted, they didn't cast as wide a net as is going on here.

XiSasukeUchiha1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

This is a big deal and illegal bro what do u think

BlackTar1871635d ago

he also has 0 bubbles . Which doesn't change anything since he's full of it. Just pointing out the oblivious of asking a person with no bubbles for a response.

ziggurcat1635d ago

because they are being told that they are not allowed to disclose that they are being paid.

MysticStrummer1635d ago

It's been explained repeatedly. Google it yourself.

FamilyGuy1635d ago

It's illegal because it's a deceptive and underhanded business practice. Having people pretend they like a product when they're actually being paid to promote said product is against the law without acknowledging their affiliation.

If a walks out of a indie movie theater raving about how amazing a movie is and then you decided to see the movie and found out he was actually in it wouldn't you feel like he tricked you? Like he should've mentioned that he stands to profit from promoting it?

It's a law.

MRMagoo1231635d ago

it works the same way when you see adverts on TV they have to have in small print "this is a paid advertisement or this is a paid actor" if they dont do that its illegal, and what MS did was against the law.

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n4rc1635d ago

He can't.. He's been told the same thing 100 times but just repeats it in another thread..

Some seem to think saying something is illegal makes it so.

MysticStrummer1635d ago

The potentially illegal nature of the deal has been explained repeatedly. You can Google the situation right now and easily find that answer if you're interested.

Majin-vegeta1635d ago

If it isn;t illegal why is the FTC getting involved??

n4rc1635d ago

Again.. Care to explain how you figure that? There is no FTC involvement ATM.

And guy above me.. No they don't..

Does an actor doing a commercial need to have it say he's an actor? Nope..

Only if he is portraying a customer with a testimonial... In other words, you can't try to play them off as customer reviews

None of what happened fits that.. They paid youtubers to mention Xbox and include their marketing tag.. They were not told to lie or say anything at all.. Just if they are using Xbox one for their game videos, to mention its on Xbox.

That's a fact.. Not a review or opinion.. It just gets the Xbox brand out there when a game video might focus on the game, not its platform

ziggurcat1633d ago

Actually... they were, in some respects, told to lie because:

A) they could not say anything negative or disparaging, so they had to lie, and say something was amazing even if their personal opinion was the opposite.


B) they were told that they could not divulge that they were being paid. So if someone asked them, they had to lie, and say no.

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n4rc1635d ago

"If you think that the guy that brought this to the surface is “The Edward Snowden of gaming”, I’ll be honest with you, I have some choice words for you and your feelings may get hurt."

Haha.. Sums up my opinion of it as well

Hicken1635d ago

Your opinion on this subject is pretty worthless, since you're blinded by your fanboyism.

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