Microsoft shipped 3.9 million Xbox One and 3.5 million Xbox 360 in FY14 Q2

The company sold 7.4 million Xbox console units into the retail channel, including 3.9 million Xbox One consoles and 3.5 million Xbox 360 consoles.

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Excalibur1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Shipped, not sold, there is a difference, there are places that still have the day ones sitting on the shelf.

And before you start screaming I'm a Sony fanboi, click on my account and you will find a gamer score of 108365 and over 250 games played.

princejb1341553d ago

Shipped means they sold to retails so they still made their money
Stop trolling

MeknSence1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

^^^ even though your kind of right on that, there's still a difference between "sold" & "ship". Let's face it and you all can disagree all you want, I DON'T CARE, Xbone 720 is way behind of Sony PS4. The system has no "Next Gen" reason to buy it. My Samsung tv has everything it does and better. My PC, cable box, 360 and PS4 has all what I need. Just like EA, Microsoft gonna fabricate their numbers to TRY on creating demands and too look good. SMFH.

Let the disagrees begin...3.2.1...go!

jacksjus1553d ago

Shipped means shipped. Those systems are on consignment meaning if they aren't sold then they can rightfully be returned by the retailer. This is why they can't price negotiate to get a sell because there is no markup for them. If they had that option they would probably let it slide for $20 - $50 less in negotiations to get the sell.

johndoe112111553d ago

Ok, let's just go with your logic. Let's say that what you said was right. What if they sold 20 million units to retail and got there money but retail only sold 6 million units to customers, do you think they will be celebrating about that? Do yo think they would be sipping champagne and congratulating each other? Do you think that anyone would consider that a success?

Whether or not they got their money for all the units is irrelevant. What is important is how much were actually purchased by the consumer. That's why they all focus on how many units were bought by the public and not how many were shipped.

nukeitall1553d ago

Looks like MS isn't too far of Sony on production. They just got more in concentrated regions!

When Titanfalls hit, it will be pretty hot for Xbox One!

Can't wait. See you in Titanfalls!

kneon1553d ago

Yes shipped==sold as far as the manufacturer is concerned.

But shipped != install base, unless you can't keep your product on the shelves, as is happening for another console vendor.

HammadTheBeast1553d ago

Depends, are we looking at both companies' sold to consumer or retailer numbers?

BirdBrain1553d ago

Shipped not sold through. WiiU sold 3 mil in 2 months but only a estimated 1.5 mil sold through.

JokesOnYou1553d ago

Straight from their financial report:

"The company sold 7.4 million Xbox console units into the retail channel, including 3.9 million Xbox One consoles and 3.5 million Xbox 360 consoles."

-They are not sitting on store shelves or in warehouses as some want to think, lol that logic makes no sense how can ps4 be sold out hard to find anywhere in the US but the X1 are stacking up everywhere when they've shipped less consoles WW than sony has sold and only won the latest sales in Dec US by a few thousand. Judging by these financials #s and how close comparable sales are if X1's are sitting on store shelves wouldn't the totals shipped to retail be much higher than even sonys 4.2mil?...meaning not sold to consumers but lots of units on shelves.

gaffyh1553d ago

@JOY - Your comment is contradictory, the bit you quoted means that that they've been sold to retailers, and could very well be sat on store shelves.

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LaChance1553d ago

Anybody else shocked at how completely and utterly wrong Sony fanboys were predicting Xbox One flopping ?

I mean isnt it supposed to be something like 4 million PS4 sold and 1 million Xbox ?

Can somebody please give me an explanation ?

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Triella1553d ago

Remember ? MS said themselves they sold-through 3m consoles by the end of the year (which is also end of Q2). Now if we go by shipped=sold then why didn't MS announce 3.9m instead of just 3m ?

Or would that mean MS stuffed the channels and 900k XBO (which had not been ordered by retailers) were just sitting on the shelves at that time or were piled up in warehouses somewhere waiting to be sent back to MS ?

JokesOnYou1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

gayff what are you talking about I know the bit I quoted according to those who think it's NOT selling and sitting on shelves but what I point out is how could they have comparable sales according to NPD in the US vs ps4 if, ps4 is selling out and X1 is sitting on shelves that would imply X1 shipped tons more consoles to retail but their financials show 3.9 shipped to retail vs at least 4.2 that sony sold out. It doesn't make sense on both sides of the arguement= not selling well but it's competitor is selling well with comparable numbers, I guess I should referenced NPD sell through numbers along with both total sales. Nobody has official sell through for other markets and given the large discrepancy in available markets it's impossible to extrapolate exact comparisons for anything but US #s.

Johnwall the 4.2 was clearly in reference to ps4 last official sales numbers. READ it again I said "sonys 4.2" Also I'm not sure what his expectations were but mine have remained the same, I can link you have past comments where I predict X1 will sell much better than those late June, early July polls said once it's out AND I also predicted 4-6 months in that X1 will lead in the US market and do so most months throughout this gen, WW I give it to sony all gen. I still stand by the statement, hell I didn't expect it would have a small sales lead this early in Dec, but who knows? Either way that's my prediction at worst I'll be wrong, X1 will definitely be competitive and I will openly congratulate sony after official sales releases where they have a lead.

Eonjay1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

They sold 3.9 million to retailers in 2013 and announced recently that they had sold about 3 million in the same time period. That means that 900k were avaliable at retailers at the end of the year. They actually shipped less then Sony. Sony sold 4.2 million to consumers as of 12/28 so they had to ship at least 4.2 million.

@Jokes, your prediction is feasible, but what makes you so sure XONE will lead the US?

fanboybeatdown1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Whoa... 3.9 million sold to retailers?

Xbox is doing great!
Despite all the shipped units, even at $599 it seems to be sold out at most places all around Australia.

As at 24/1/13 the XBO is only available for preorder in OZ.

Looks like it's in hot demand in Australia.
In Australia, there can be no doubt... Shipped=Sold.

It costs MORE than the Ps4, too.
Amazing sales, really.

Kudos to MS.
The XBO is a smashing success.

JokesOnYou1552d ago

Eonjay I just think X1 appeals to the American demographic a bit more with heavy emphasis on shooters, competitive gaming, western focused console, plus of course X1 gets better srevices, apps in US vs abroad= foreign laws and red tape.

Now that said I wouldn't say I'm "so sure", I mean I wouldn't be surprised if ps4 lead but Iam confident if that's the case then it will be very close, which is good too.

princejb1341552d ago

Why would retailers ask for more shipment if their not selling?
Pretty obvious


@Jokes On You

You should really look up on what is "circular rethoric".


I can't believe some of you guys on this thread are saying it makes no difference for MS if they are sold to retailer or to final customer, as if MS made their money anyway... No kids, MS had not made their money back. In fact, they lost more money.

Don't even consider the fact that the consoles are only consigned to the retailers (they don't own it, in fact, they MUST return it to MS if not sold), what you guys are forgetting is that MS (as well as Sony) sell consoles at a loss. Selling consoles to stores is useless (if not harmful), the money is on selling tens of millions of games and accessories on the platform, each and every one paying a small part of its pricetag to the console holder.

I'm not even agreeing either that those numbers were shipped nor sold, but to dismiss the difference? Let's assume this is shipped and consoles are rotting on shelves and that both consoles and games on shelves were owned by retailers (pure non-sense, but that basically what you would be advocating with "no difference"). Would you guys be counting on stores buying tens of millions of games if they can't sell enough Xbox Ones?

Non-sense! In a razor and blade business model, you need to get those razors in the customers hands more than anything else.

Giul_Xainx1552d ago

To Microsoft fanboys, when Microsoft sells their console to a retailer, that counts towards the total number of consoles "sold." So they see it as a "win."

When investors do the math behind the total number of consoles in "posession" with the total number of "software attached" at purchase, they make the decision to invest for "future profits."

Because the PlayStation 4 has a higher "posession" and "attachment rate" than Microsoft and its "cable box hybrid," more investors are looking at SCE.

When it comes right down to it: the Microsoft Xbox brand is in a dire need to get their numbers "fluffed" in an attempt to confuse "new" investors.

The whole idea is to try and shine off the light that is the PlayStation 4's bright blue light coming from its dual shock 4's.

Even in their commercials for their new Xbox they use slang only "you fanboys" use in this "console war." Such as "Next Generation Console."

So the next time you fanboys see "total sales shipped" just remember to do your "software attachment rate" calculations.

The more you try to misconstrue one number the more investors do incorrect math. And with current figures the total attachment rate of software sold with each console ends up being a lot lower than the PS4 every time.

assdan1552d ago

There is a difference. If they ship 4 million units in a month, but it takes a year to sell, is that really more impressive than sony shipping and selling two million in the same amount of time?

hellzsupernova1552d ago

No shipped does not equal sold.

If they can't move stock Microsoft will take the hit for the retailers with rebates and sell throughs

Simple retail is simple

NeloAnjelo1552d ago

Sold through to consumers is the main metric which influences the install base. Not the shipped. No one cares if they "made their money"

JohnnyBadfinger1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Sorry but I didn't realise simple economics has changed...
There are 3 levels

The manufacture sells their product to a distributer and a distributer sells the product out to the consumer. The manufacture only supplies the demand that is needed by the distributor. The more consumers equall more demand from the manufacturer.

There is a reason retailers have sales and liquidations. It's not that the products value has drop fits to clear excessive stock.

So as far as I'm concerned 3.9 does equal sold

Death1552d ago

Consoles are sold to retailers, not consigned. Gamestop corp orders X amount of consoles. They in turn send them to their retail chains. Manufacturers can't just send units out that are not ordered. Smaller chains get them from distributors. Companies like Walmart and Target get them direct. Even if returns were possible, retailers would have to pay the shipping charges and wait for a statement credit.

I'm amazed that some of you think they are free until sold.

UnwanteDreamz1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Check my comment history, I'm no fan of MS or the Xbox brand. I prefer Sony for gaming. I have given Xbox360 fans a hard time for trolling articles and comment sections. I still remember all the hate they threw at fans of the PS3 the first 2 years of the consoles life. I've said to the many times playing the "$Sales$" game is pathetic.

I'm not a hypocrite

All the Sony fans in here trolling with comments on Playsation 4 sales, and shipped vs sold. Stop being pathetic fankids. Play your prefered system and let it go. We don't all have to like the same stuff. Who cares who sells more or less if we're having fun? Grow the @#$% up.

Kingthrash3601552d ago

cod ghosts shipped 1 billion games....sold not so much.
they made their money on shipping but if they dont sell they wont ship much more

3-4-51552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Doesn't do much if you ship 1 million games but only 10,000 people ever play it.

Not saying that is happening, the amount bought by the gamers is what matters.

EA & Activision always ship a ton of many brand new copies never get bought though?

scott1821552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

All this spinning of X1 shipped numbers is making me dizzy!

dedicatedtogamers1552d ago

Microsoft does this every holiday. They ship a ton of units and then boxes sit on the shelves for the next few months (which is what is going on with the X1, which is available everywhere).

That's precisely what they did with the Kinect bundle units in order to make it so that it was "the fastest selling peripheral of all TIME", yet all those extra bundles sat on store shelves for months and months.

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Mister_Dawg1553d ago

If your gamer score is that high, you need to get some sun quick ;-)

n4rc1553d ago

This shipped and sold through crap only started with fanboys..

Ms sold 3.9m period.. It doesn't matter when sales are the topic..

imt5581553d ago

MS SOLD 3.9 to retailers! That means SHIPPED! Period! Sold to customers.... Maybe 3.5 million.

n4rc1553d ago

How is the word sold throwing you off?

Does it matter if I sell something to you or your parents.. I still sold it

Fanboys care about shipped/sold when both mean the same thing to the manufacturer

InTheLab1552d ago

Agreed and what does it really matter. 3.9 or 3.1. It's a ridiculous argument and anyone that has even a sliver of experience in retail should know better.

Stores do no order product if there is no demand.

MS deserves most of the hate thrown it's way but some of it is absurd.

Is it really shocking people want more Xbox?

nypifisel1552d ago

No. MS shipped 3.9 million, got 3 million sold. So some 900k was sitting on shelves. The PS4 shipped 4,2 million and sold 4,2 million. It seems the lack of demand for XB1 is true.

Death1552d ago

It's impressive that selling 3 million in just over a month is "lack of demand" in your eyes. That's 500,000 a week on average in sales. The PS4 is averaging 600,000 a week. If there are approx. 900,000 consoles unsold, that is a 12.6 day supply.

nypifisel1552d ago

It's impressive that you don't understand the correlation between supply and demand. If supplies outstrips demand there's a lack of demand by definition. So yeah, back to school with you!

andibandit1552d ago

n4rc is right, sold to retailers is the only number relevant in ms financial report. the units sitting on shelves will affect the next quarters "sold to retailers" negatively.....

Ashby_JC1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


100% Agree

The thing is. Do people really think that the XBOX one is going to cap at 3.9 Million sold lifetime.

Meaning lets say MS says we shipped 3.9 Million...but 3.1 actually got sold.

So 800K units are available to be purchased. people think that those 800K wont be sold??

Do they think retailers who sell out are not ordering more units?

These same arguments happened last gen with the PS3 and 360.

SHipped/Sold/....yadda yadda.....the fact of the matter is there is a lot of hate towards MS and its not just THIS site.

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kewlkat0071553d ago

You think investors shun shipped numbers. .that's money in the bank.

johndoe112111553d ago

If your sale to the public is way less than how much you shipped it doesn't matter how much money you made from the shipping, it would be considered a failed product and no investor wants to hear that there company is making a failed product. Short term profit does not always equate to long term success.

The investors are already calling for microsoft to drop the xbox, if they don't sell xones then how will they recuperate all those billions they spent in research and development?

Shipping 3.9 million is not the issue, the important part is the public needs to keep buying to make it a success or they will be forced to let the xbox brand go.

hellzsupernova1552d ago

Yes investors would tell you to shut up and give the real numbers

Death1552d ago

Investors don't care how many consoles sold. They care about returns on investments. Software sales are more important than consoles sales since that is where the loss on hardware is made up. Services are also a money maker which is why we see PS+ being mandatory this gen.

As for the 900,000 consoles sitting on shelves they are counted as supply in days. At the rate the Xbox One was selling, that was just under a 13 day supply.

Ashby_JC1552d ago

@Death and whoever else

LEts say there is 900K sitting on shelves.

Do ya really think that the XBOX one lifetime sales have already reached the end??

The shipped a certain amount. Customers are buying and will continue to buy.

I think the main issue here is that there is another system that is selling at a higher rate and the XB1 is always compared to it.

On its OWN the XB1 is doing GREAT. But compared to its competitor....that competitor is doing much greater.

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Concertoine1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Anytime Sony or Nintendo or MS refers to sales they're usually talking about shipped not sold. They can only report what they ship, not rely on guesstimates from vgchartz on official reports.

Hicken1553d ago

Then how is it both have reported sold through skyway this gen? And why didn't Microsoft say say sold 3.9 million a little while ago?

Underworld1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Lol, so are we just pretending the previously announced number of 3 million doesn't exist?

Microsoft announced weeks ago that they had sold 3 million by the end of 2013 to consumers. Sony sold 4.2 million to consumers. This 3.9 million number is sold/shipped to retailers by the end of 2013. Are you saying Microsoft didn't know what they were talking about when they announced 3 million?

I don't care about numbers sold/shipped to retailers because it doesn't show the real consumer demand and install base. So official install figures are still 3 million vs 4.2 million.

Not being a fanboy. I own both Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Concertoine1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Theyre reporting now because its their FY.
That number was before christmas though wasnt it? Theyve been keeping UP with demand, thats why they have excess units. Both companies are doing good.

JokesOnYou1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

My bad meant to reply above.

Ulf1553d ago

Shipped == sold, bro. Retailers bought them. They aren't going to sit and waste shelf space for long. Hate to break it to ya: retail buyers aren't stupid.

ToyboxDX1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Erm, yes they will still sit at Store shelves if no one is buying them.

This makes sense, upto 3 million sold with another 900K sitting in store shelves by end Dec. This coincides with various reports that Xbone is available everywhere, unlike PS4 which is still sold out.

I believe by now PS4 should have already pushed 5 million units, with Xbone at around 3.6 million?

Death1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Going on 3 days PS4's are available at Gamestop within 100 miles of me. Granted many stores are showing low stock now. None sold out though. Supply is starting to catch up with demand hich makes sense since January typically sees a decline in sales.

JasonKCK1552d ago

Funny, when Sony announces shipped fans jump up and down with joy. When MS announces shipped, outcry.

Too bad such a great company like Sony has such hypocritical fans.

dragon821552d ago

It's funny, all I see is people saying shipped = sold. Not the other way around.

hellzsupernova1552d ago

That is utter rubbish, I have seen Sony get so much crap for saying shipped numbers especially with the xbots don't try and act like you are the better fanboy

Underworld1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

What are you talking about? Sony announced 4.2 million sold to consumers by the end of 2013, and Microsoft announced 3 million sold to consumers by the end of 2013.

Really funny that so many are now trying to pretend that the 4.2 million is only shipped and the 3 million Microsoft announced now magically doesn't exist.

I have no problem with them announcing the 3.9 million shipped in 2013. But I am more interested in sold to consumers because that shows the actual install base. Some need to stop being dishonest by comparing 4.2 vs 3.9. Again, 4.2 million is sold to consumers in 2013, as is the 3 million Microsoft announced. So it's 4.2 vs 3 million sold to consumers.

kneon1552d ago

When your product sells out as soon as it hits the store shelf then yes shipped pretty much equals sold to consumers.

joeorc1552d ago


oh' you were talking about the year's when the PS3 number's were said to have been "only" shipped number's and that Microsoft only tell's their number's are always "SOLD THROUGH" as a matter of fact many used VGChartz numbers to great effect to paint the PS3 and or playstation into very bad light on this forum like they still do with the PSVita!

Microsoft : always reports sold through, while Sony always fudges their number's to hide their sales. thats all we heard on this [email protected] forum for over 7 years, buck it up both sides have done this very same thing you point out. but..but sony fans are more..just stop it , that is what many of the gamer fan sites are turning into a victim mentality, The PS3 fans were Hounded for 7 years, an now the microsoft fans get a lil bit of it and now its sony has hypocritical fan's!

I would say, do not start something if you do not want other's finishing it for you!

grow some thick skin! because i would imagine its only going to get worse, and this is by a family man that has all three console's and expects to get all three this generation's system also.

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dlocsta1552d ago

You are correct but I must add this is not the vehicle used to post sales numbers. This is merely a statement of financials to investors and is not intended to indicate unit sales to the general public. In other words, the guy that posted this did not understand what the information is actually used for and posted it.

Azzanation1552d ago

Retails wont buy the systems if they weren't selling them.

Flames761552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

You do know the stores keep buying them to sell to people right?You have to buy more to have in stock.There are 13 countrys and around 700,000 out in stores for people to buy.You dont just ship 3 million and say thats it till next month.Damn some of you people have no common sence at all

1552d ago
ALLWRONG1552d ago

Xbone 13 countries vs 52 PS4 and $100 more and is only 300k behind the PS4.If the Xbone had released in as many countries it would be ahead of the PS4 right now.

LOL The PS4 is "supposed" to have shortages but still managed to release in 3 times as many countries and get 4.2 mill out.

Looks like all the anti Xbox propaganda here on N4G didn't work. Maybe you guys should try something new because it's clearly not working.

andibandit1552d ago

your argument is offset by the fact both companies sold everything they could produce, so thats a hard limit right there.

i cant tell wether you are right or wrong but supply must catch up to demand before we can get a clear picture.

JeffGUNZ1552d ago

Where are these day one editions? I live in America and have NEVER seen one in retail stores, ever. Where are all these consoles people here keep saying are day one?!

air11552d ago

Well thank you for clearing up that confusing title for me /s..

I have one question, since when did sony ms and nintendo or anyone that sells items in stores ship there product for free?

Blaze9291552d ago

lol just wait until Titanfall drops