No Gurlz Alloud: Call of Duty: Ghosts Edition

Hardcore Gamer: Men are abducted from their boring wives and dull family duties, and not a single woman is invited to escape her responsibilities for a good round of shooting things in the face because...? They don't enjoy it? Their pleasure lies in tying men down to family duties? They're so much more responsible than men that they'd never consider an escape fantasy? The writers have no women in their lives, so no knowledge that they enjoy a nice round of gaming as much as men do? Or maybe it's just that Call of Duty is such a big dude-bro-fest that Activision can market it more effectively by blowing off 50% of the population.

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Ripsta7th1664d ago

Problem is some girls are attention whores

Drive-By-Stabba1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Yeah it does seem stupid to not include women in that advert as some of the original advertising hype was the fact you could now play as a woman.
That and i regularly play with my buddy and his partner and she is a better sniper then us combined so its not as if its just guys that play this.