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Naughty Dog on PS4 Uncharted in 2014 and The Last of US GOTY Edition: "Ha. Doubtful"

Many are wondering when the new Uncharted for PS4, of which we’ve seen just a tease so far, will actually hit Sony’s new console, and according to Naughty Dog’s Community Strategist it’s “doubtful” that it’ll come in 2014. The same reply has been given for a PS3 Game of the Year edition for The Last of Us (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, Uncharted PS4)

Update Monacelli clarified that he was responding only to the Easter eggs part of the question.

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Abriael  +   582d ago
Uh, it doesn't say anything like that either in the article or the comments.
Tripe_Down  +   582d ago
ND confirms the full reveal. in other words: Uncharted coming not this year.

1+1=2 for stupid guys
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Abriael  +   582d ago
So basically you're just interpreting what they say as "we're fully revealing the game this year" = "we're not releasing this game this year"

Sorry but it's not the same thing. One thing does not necessarily exclude the other. You're doing 1+1=3 and calling people stupid over that. Nice :D
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gatormatt80  +   582d ago
Maybe the "Ha, doubtful" reply meant we won't see ALL 3 of the things mentioned in his comment in 2014. I'm still hopeful that UC4 will be released in the fall of 2014. The UC2 team is working on it and that was released in 09 soo it's possible that UC4 has been in production since maybe 2010 or so.
Abriael  +   582d ago
@gatormatt80: that seems quite a bit of a stretch :D
DonDon  +   582d ago
TLOU has the best multiplayer I've ever played ever since Konami shut down Metal Gear Online. I want ND to bring it to PS4 so the community on PS3 doesn't dwindle off as more and more people starting focusing on next gen...
gatormatt80  +   582d ago
Oops... I misspoke earlier. TLoU was the UC2 team. UC4 is the UC3 team. UC3 was in 2011 so maybe UC4 has been in production since 2012 or so. My bad.
Kingthrash360  +   581d ago
@ tripe
sony fully revealed its console...released the same year...also fully revealed its cloud service...also same year...cant see why its impossible for a '14 release.
gatormatt80  +   581d ago
Uncharted recent history...

- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
• Announced/Revealed Dec. 2008
• Released October 2009

- Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
• Announced/Revealed Dec. 2010
• Released November 2011

- Uncharted 4: ???
• Announced/Revealed Dec. 2013
• Released ???

I think it is highly possible this game gets released for the holiday 2014. ND has already confirmed that they will be using their same proprietary engine, that was used on PS3, for the PS4. Can't wait to see what ND has in store for us.

The comment on the PS blog was a three part question with one vague answer. So it's hard to tell exactly what the reply meant. Until now....

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FamilyGuy  +   582d ago
Lmao, these guys are funny.

Already knew it wasn't releasing this year though based on how little they've shown so far.
Twignberries  +   582d ago
Yeah I had a feeling we wouldn't see Uncharted ps4 until probably 2015 q2.. But if we can at least secure two big exclusives this year, I'll be happy. We already have Infamous, here's to hoping we get The Order by q4 this year! :)
showtimefolks  +   582d ago
we read the same BS they said about uncharted 3 GOTY yet it happened. Look if they announce it now many who will pick up a copy of TLOU will wait till GOTY

its just like RS and GTA5 on next gen consoles. Why announce it now and hurt your sales when you can announce it 1 month before release and it will sell like hot cakes.

i fully expect in 2014

Last of US GOTY for both ps3 and ps4
GTA5 next gen version

we already have the tomb raider next gen version
CertifiedGamer  +   581d ago
@Kingtrash because Sony is not EA, and doesn't force developers to meet a certain deadline, the game is done when the developer is ready to release it. What they should do is release TLOU for the PS4 with all DLC and updated graphics if they are unable to release a new game this year.
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CynicalKelly  +   582d ago
Hopefully something announced at E3 is scheduled to come out in 2014. I don't think Infamous will last me a full year.
Freak of Nature  +   581d ago
Any two or 3 of these 5 games for 2014' would be extra nice, the new Media molecule IP, Nuaghty "gods" next game, SSM new IP, the Order , The last guardian, give me any 2 or 3 of these please....
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E3 is when all will be revealed folks.

Hold onto your hats. UC 4 demo on stage will be awesome.
Ausbo  +   582d ago
if its not coming till 2015, then don't expect a date at E3
That's not the way it works.

Look at what happened with TLOU. It was shown at E3 2012 and released a year later. : )
ginsunuva  +   582d ago

He said date, not showing.
xTheMercenary_  +   582d ago
i would expect some footage atleast not the release date
CertifiedGamer  +   581d ago
Naughty dog reveals all their games on VGA, not E3 so I don't expect anything from them at E3 2014, VGA2014 is a different story.
M83_  +   582d ago
As much as I'd love it, TLOU is not coming to PS4. Why would they be pushing it so hard with PS Now if you could just buy it on a disc
TLOU wasn't mentioned ofr PS4. The person who asked was referring to "TLOU GOTY edition for PS3". : )
M83_  +   582d ago
That's what I get for being a lazy bastard and going off of titles :P
jacksjus  +   582d ago
The DLC to TLOU coming out next year makes no sense at all. By that time they could develop a full sequel so I doubt this source is being truthful.
NikX  +   582d ago
We'll just have to see in the coming months. They might (just might) bring The Last of Us GOTY to either PS3 or PS4 or both
Abriael  +   582d ago
He just said it's doubtful. IMHO, though, he might be covering it up
NikX  +   582d ago
That's why I said "might" because he may just be covering it up like you said. They did that with Uncharted 2 and 3. Both got GOTY Editions with all their DLCs included respectively.
snookiegamer  +   582d ago
Whoever thought they would see Uncharted 4 or any full ND PS4 game this year....hasn't been a gamer for very long.

A masterpiece in the making takes time.....patience :)
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emad-E-three  +   582d ago
The Last Of Us announced on VGA 2012 (December) and released june 2013 meaning: A masterpiece takes ND to finish a less than year after the announcement! Look at other ND games!

And the team thats working on it is the same who made Uncharted 3 which came out 2011.

So you say im not a gamer for believing it WILL release late 2014?
georgenancy  +   581d ago
it was announced at the 2011 vgas not 2012
deafdani  +   581d ago
Lol. Are you implying that Naughty Dog started developing that game exactly the same day they announced it, or what? Because that's what your post sounds like. XD

You may want to rephrase it, because I don't think that was what you meant to say.
PS4isKing_82  +   581d ago
The first uncharted came out exactly one year after ps3 launched. The first jak and daxter came out one year after the ps2 launched. I think it's you who haven't been gaming very long cause if you had, you would know that ND puts their games out around the first year of each new playstation console.
snookiegamer  +   581d ago

If you're going to comment, get your facts right (2012? Really lol), and don't misquote my words...I didn't state YOU wasn't a gamer, I wrote 'Not a gamer for very long' - Thank you!


2014 is going to be full of AAA releases from Sept-Dec, so we shall see whether Uncharted 4 releases this year won't we?...If I am wrong then that's a good thing as we all get to enjoy U4 this year, and I will apologise. But, if I'm right, then you can privately message me an apology that I will accept, if you haven't disappeared by then :)

I know I polarise opinion on N4G, and that's fine. I would hate to be like the sheep crowd this site seems to attract. I refuse to fabricate just because I have a preference of, or lean toward any one console. In this case my preference is actually PS4.
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deafdani  +   581d ago
I've been playing games for about 25 years now, and I think Uncharted 4 is a possibility if we're talking about year's end.

The first Uncharted game came out for the PS3 at the end of its first year in the market, I believe.

Just because the PS4 was very recently released doesn't mean Naughty Dog couldn't have started development on a new Uncharted game way earlier.

The Last of Us came out on june of last year, and ND could have started development on a new Uncharted game even before that date.
snookiegamer  +   581d ago
You maybe right, and 25 years gaming is not to be sniffed at....I just don't want to build an expectation for myself that may or may not leave me disappointed.

Truth is, I sincerely look forward to U4 this year, believe me :)
Aclay  +   582d ago
I already thought Uncharted for PS4 probably wasn't coming out in 2014 because of the short and vague teaser trailer-- which is usually an indicator that the project being teased is still a ways off.

I sure hope 'The Order' doesn't slip past 2014 because I don't know what other major title Sony might come out with in the Fall if it does slip because a lot of Sony's major teams recently released games in 2013 and it seems it may be a while before we'll see PS4 titles from them-- the God of War team, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, and Polyphony Digital just to name a few-- and who knows when (or if) The Last Guardian will get released.
DonDon  +   582d ago
TLOU is the best game I've played in years. I thought it was all hype--but after buying it recently, I see that it really is that mind blowing.
king_george  +   582d ago
I hope ND takes their time with the game but at the same time the ps4 really needs more games especially on the multiplayer front. I wish they would release it around the holidays this year to maximize the sales and push hardware sales as well
Abriael  +   582d ago
I feel your pain, but honestly the last thing Sony needs to do is to "burn" it's best franchises with rushed releases to beef up the PS4's library.

Remember golden abyss? We really don't need another one...
king_george  +   582d ago
Actually i havent played golden abyss lol is it bad? But yeah i know what you mean. ND is the kind of developer that gives you goty contender games in exchange for some time so i trust them. Just wish sony had a little something more lined up for this year ya know?
esemce  +   582d ago
There has been a 2 year gap between the Uncharted games so why should Uncharted 4 take more than 3 years to make? TLOU may have taken up many of ND's resources but don't they have 2 teams ?

I have no issue with them taking their time and the longer it takes the better the results.

I can imagine UC4 coming this winter as this will shift many PS4's. Suppose we have to wait till e3 to find out, can't effin wait!.
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TwinDad  +   582d ago
I would have to do a bit more research, but I don't think they use a universal engine for the Uncharted games. If they used Unreal, as an example, they would be able to start once the engine is made available. If they use a custom engine, which I suspect they do, they have to build it first. Engines are difficult to make and can take several years. So they have likely been making the in-game engine, then will design the game.
gatormatt80  +   582d ago
ND uses their own proprietary engine for UC and TLoU. They are using the same engine for PS4.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   581d ago
Naughty Dog will still be using the same engine for the next Uncharted game.
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brave27heart  +   581d ago
Id expect that on a new generation machine theres more of a gap, you're working with new tech, new assets, whole new ball game. The first title on PS4 will probably need that extra year. Im thinking E3 gameplay announcement then Spring 2015 release.

Also no Tlou for PS4. It would cheapen the appeal of PS Now as Im sure you'll need to pay for that service and they'll want their biggest games like Tlou, Uncharted, Gow and GT6 to kick that service off.
AnnaDea  +   582d ago
You people believe they would really confirm that they will put an Uncharted 4 EASTER EGG in the dlc? XD

That's something we need to find ourselves.
Crossbones  +   582d ago
Ya'll do know they've shown trailers of UC2 & 3 at GDC right. Look for Uncharted PS4 Reveal at GDC 2014.
KontryBoy706  +   582d ago
If Crystal Dynamics can milk Tomb Raider WHY THE HELL can we not see a Next Gen port of The Last of Us? I mean goodness sake I know most of us would happily throw money at Naughty Dog for a next gen 60fps 1080p updated version of that game before we would throw money at Tomb Raider
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jay2  +   582d ago
Told you 2015.
bornsinner  +   582d ago
OMG finally a game for the ps4!

looks like we got something more than a pixel counter
cruzngta  +   582d ago
Uncharted 4 when it comes out will be a monster of a game on PS4 no doubt. Looking forward to any upcoming info on it.
MasterofMagnetism  +   582d ago
Whatever the release date is, I just hope it's sooner rather than later.
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Bearsfanfourlife  +   582d ago
These consoles need a solid military rts
Pennywise138  +   582d ago
I'm surprised Sony and Naughty Dog didn't make it a priority to make sure uncharted 4 was ready for a holiday 2014 release. Its a guarantee system seller much like the original uncharted. Maybe Sony is putting that burden on The Order this time around. I can't wait for either game.
CertifiedGamer  +   581d ago
Because Sony unlike Microsoft or EA doesn't rush their developers because they want the games to meet their vision of being a game of the year
DualWielding  +   582d ago
Hope he is trolling I've been holding on buying the last of us because I was waiting for GOTY edition
brave27heart  +   581d ago
GOTY editions include all DLC, since they've only released one of three planned DLCs so far dont expect an announcement. Im thinking GOTY version for Christmas 2014.There wont be a huge number of new games released for PS3 so a GOTY version of Tlou fills a gap.
Honestly never really expected Uncharted to release this year. The details have been far too scarce and with only a teaser to show for the game, I had always pictured a 2015 release with 2014 E3 showing.

This is the first real time I'm excited about an Uncharted game. Never really was a big fan of it unfortunately on the PS3 but recognized the greatness it had among the games.

I salivate at the thought this time around of what could/can be achieved on the PS4 and am genuinely hyped about it. Probably my first Day 1 buy of the series.
UncleGermrod  +   582d ago
w.e., i just know i cannot wait for a new UC. I just got my ps4, it will arrive at my house on jan 28th. yea boy. Now i got my xb1/ps4 combo ready to rock for 2014.
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DevilishSix  +   581d ago
Here is what I think will happen. If there is no Uncharted 4 for this holiday, Sony will still need some big titles and we could very well get revamped editions of the previous three games for the PS4 and/or a reworked GOTY edition of TLOU for PS4. When I mean revamped I mean like really redone like this new Tomb Raider, which is outstanding by the way. Lets just say....I believe.
psDrake  +   581d ago
I'd be surprised if UC 4 were released this year. I'd say 2015 is more likely... TLOU for PS4, I'd say no. There is no reason to.
-EvoAnubis-  +   581d ago
Jeez, way to make a mountain out of a molehill. The response of "Ha, doubtful" had nothing to do with Uncharted 4 or TLoU GOTY edition, and EVERYTHING to do with the actual question that was asked, which was regarding Uncharted easter eggs in the upcoming DLC for The Last of Us.

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