GTAO: Rockstar's Online Blunder Child

Rather than focusing on the actual game—making it playable, and more importantly, making it fun—Rockstar has spent the last 120 days engaged in a petty battle against exploiters, fixing innumerable glitches that seem to crop up after each subsequent update. What Rockstar seems to fail to grasp is that half the reason for exploiting those glitches (e.g. duplicating and selling personal vehicles for quick and easy money) is to get money that is otherwise tedious to get.

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DC7771698d ago

Still going to be one of the top selling games all time so...

Nate-Dog1698d ago

For some reason I glanced at this and thought it meant that due to some glitch you can create children in GTAO. True story.

Zancruz1698d ago

And even with all the flaws, I still love playing this game... :)

Mutant-Spud1698d ago

GTA Online is one of the very few multiplayer games which has actually repelled me from playing just purely on it's content and gameplay. Example: I don't play Counterstrike because I suck at it, so that's down to me but it's impossible for anyone to suck at GTAO because it's not based on skill it's just so shoddy and poorly thought out that a generally skilled player of video games is just as likely to lose a race or a deathmatch as a non gamer. Take the mission "Saving Ryan's Privates", it's possible to go through the whole scenario and never see an enemy player so it doesn't matter if you're a hotshot player or not, in other missions it's possible to become completely lost or to crash and get stuck in the middle of nowhere. I think glitchers are the least of the games' problems, the main one is that it isn't fun for adult gamers, a world without structure or rules is the world of children, an 18+ title should have more structure if they expect adults to enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.