Six Awesome PS4 Games Coming Within Two Months

PlayStation 4 owners, the post launch drought is almost over, as six highly anticipated titles are set to release in less than two months. If you own a PS4, there's bound to be at least one title you're going to want to pick up. If you're on the fence about the system, these next two months may be enough to convince you.

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DonDon1583d ago

PS3 & PS4 are the best. No competition.

NeoTribe1583d ago

No words can be more true.

Giul_Xainx1582d ago

I thought microsoft was supposed to have a something today...... I forgot what it was.....

Mister_G1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

@Giul_Xainx: Was it this?

Turned out to be "nothing exciting", just news for indie devs. Think people were clutching at straws.

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BABY-JEDI1583d ago

I would say competition is good for us gamers.

Shane Kim1583d ago

Then how come there are more and better games when one console dominates the others? Remember PS1/PS2 era? More games and better games than the PS3 era. Why? Because of Sony domination.

Locknuts1582d ago

PS3 is, PS4 still has no games.

IRetrouk1582d ago

What the hell have I been playing then? Is this real life? Was I just dreaming of using my ps4? Do I even have one? I just dont know whats real anymore :-(

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wsoutlaw871583d ago

i will happily be getting 4 of those games. Infamous is finally getting close

ravinash1583d ago

Damn it, there are 5 there I could play.
Still have to wait till later in the year before I get my PS4.

N4Flamers1583d ago

Infamous is the only game not available on last gen systems. Is this metal gear even a complete game? I'm still probably going to get it but I'm dying for the Phantom pain. I'm also waiting for trine to be discounted a little.

Ratty1583d ago

Since it's open world I'd say there will be plenty of stuff to do. Enough to last you as long as an average game I assume. However, I suspect the story part will be rather short. It's still cheaper than a full game on both generations. They're trying to put in a lot of extras before release apparently. Anyway, I'm getting it either way. Don't listen to the idiots calling it a glorified demo.

Rainstorm811583d ago

Typical for a new console to have upgraded games from last gen the trend started after PS2/XBox/GC era.

Hopefully it'll only be within the first year and we don't see too many "Definitive Editions" or shared launches.

With that said Strider, MGS, Rayman, and Infamous are must haves for me....and I'm enjoying the hell out of AC4 even though its also an "upgraded" game

N4Flamers1582d ago

I do like your game selection. I just feel like most companies haven't had the chance to optimize their games for the ps4. I feel like we're just paying for rehashes and ports. I enjoyed ac4 on the ps4 too but you want to feel like you're getting that next gen feel from a game. I know infamous will deliver this better than the other games mentioned on the list.

Meltic1583d ago

You forgot about Watch dogs ;). Coming march we hope

Ratty1583d ago

I thought the same but we're close to March and no words yet.

Meltic1583d ago

well ubisoft is good to both delay in the last second and release in the last second so hold ur thumbs and prey. They are so slow

MysticStrummer1583d ago

I thought WD had been delayed past March. Maybe that was some other game...

Meltic1583d ago

there hasnt' been any confirm on that. A Xbox Magazine said that they Believe that WD coming march 30. And that Magazine has been right so far with other games. So they may have talked to ubisoft and they have announced it to them in silent. All we can do is hope.

joffa811583d ago

And not a racing game among them !!!

For me the ps4 drought continues and the dust on my PS4 gets thicker !!

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