Games Under Pressure REVIEW: Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC

Could Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle be the shortest episodic DLC ever? If not, it's probably pretty close.

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Alucardx031699d ago

My feelings exactly. So disappointing.

Bathyj1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Sounds like it could have (and should have) just been a side mission to the main game and included with it. Typical Capcom gouging, why are we even surprised anymore.

Is this the 13gb patch? It will take longer to download it than it will to play it.

Xyconaut1699d ago


I love this new strategy they're moving with,games will no longer be called games,new term is "patches",example - next ms patch I'm really excited about is titanfall!

KonsoruMasuta1699d ago

What? There was never any game that was called a "patch".

matrixman921699d ago

I thought it was pretty cool and interesting, just EXTREMELY short. I beat it and got all the "collectibles" in about an hour and a half. All of the side missions it includes are just going and finding one of your squad members that is a zombie, killing him, and getting his dog tag. I was hoping for some cool fights against your squad like the Diego fight in the main game. But in here, u just get a marker to some random point on the map and kill them. I am not upset that I bought it and the season pass, but it could have been a lot better. Hopefully the future ones have more substance.

Nodoze1699d ago

Typical half ass Capcom. It takes longer for some to DL the 13GB patch than to play through the 'extra' content.

It is almost as if Capcom is trying to go out of business.