inFAMOUS: Second Son Online Multiplayer Possibly Confirmed by New Official Website

he presence of an online multiplayer mode in inFAMOUS: Second Son has been rumored for a while due to a “Online Players: TBC (To be confirmed)” mention in a brochure distributed around the latest E3, and today another very explicit clue was dropped with the opening of the official Japanese website of the game.

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ZodTheRipper1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I won't believe that Sucker Punch actually managed to put online multiplayer into this game without seeing it. But well, we still don't know about 90% of the game 2 months before release I guess anything is possible.


GarrusVakarian1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Sections of Seattle cut out for battles between 2 teams of 6 or 8, with both sides having different powers? Or maybe even custom load-outs for each individual player?

......That could actually be pretty cool. Normally i would say "NO, STAY AWAY, KEEP SINGLEPLAYER AS SINGLEPLAYER!".....but this could be awesome.

ZodTheRipper1668d ago

It's funny because about 2 weeks ago I imagined just that. Online versus mode against other conduits could be awesome x10. Leveling up, unlocking new powers, customizing your hero/villain could eat my life. I really hope this is true but I somehow really can't believe it. Maybe in the next InFamous.

Sarobi1668d ago

I'd happily take that.

intellegent1668d ago

This could work since Infamous has always been like a third person shooter but instead of guns and bullets it was super powers. It has powers that work like snipers, grenades, rocket launchers, full and semi auto weapons.

BitbyDeath1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Nah, I want to see 32 players, fully customisable characters even down to the power and the ability to steal others powers when they die. It will be chaos, forcing others to work together to take out whoever gained the most powers or be crushed.

guitarded771668d ago

It could be cool... still buying it for the campaign alone. If there is online, I'll check it out. The UGC from inFAMOUS 2 was okay, but it was hit and miss (emphasis on miss) on the user created challenges.

KillrateOmega1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I'm so down for the multiplayer you just described! :)

This could totally work. The Last of Us has shown us that a game that you would expect to be only singleplayer can have a great multiplayer mode whilst still having an award-winning story.

UnHoly_One1668d ago

I'd be perfectly happy if all it was is co-op.

I love co-op in open world games.

DOMination-1668d ago

As long as there are no trophies for mp then thats cool. They ruin most mp experiences for me and infamous could be quite good if done right

FamilyGuy1668d ago

No grenades or very limited/hard to get and it could work. If you could limit the way you access the more powerful attacks an all out, open world multiplayer brawl could be tons of fun.

They could even do competitive challenges like racing around the city, hitting targets, teaming up against bosses.

This would be big but the idea that they've kept a full on multipler mode under wraps all this time is unlikely. It's not impossible though, they have done a great job hiding the other powers Delsin will have.

Day 1, regardless of multiplayer.

UnHoly_One1668d ago

What if it is a Vs. mode where a bunch of people play as regular soldiers against one or two guys with super powers?


Rimeskeem1668d ago

i mean as long as its separate thought would be real nice to get used to new powers or something

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ColeMacGrath1668d ago

Nah Multiplayer would be terrible, SP all the way! Besides, I don't want the devs to waste their time on MP but to focus on SP only, since that is the real inFamous experience. Lol I'm one of those people who think that Multiplayer ruins games with the exception of some games like TLOU.

showtimefolks1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

now if they do this i think Infamous 2nd son ill be even bigger than expected. imagine a 8/8 deathmatch where we can all have our own special powers and jump =or fly anywhere

sounds awesome but achieving the balance will be quite difficult. here is hoping if it does have MP that its really polished and fun to play

ITPython1668d ago

They better not be wasting their time on multiplayer. Tired of the fact that every game dev these days feels obligated to do some online version of their game. Which most of the time means stretching the dev team thin (people and/or money wise) resulting in a less focused, detailed, and/or shorter SP.

Then at some point the focus will be mainly MP and SP will fade away as nothing more than a tacked on afterthought. U3 is the perfect example of a SP experience turning to crap because they focused too much attention on the MP. The story was good, but the gameplay suffered severely.

Infamous was one of the few game series left that was 100% dedicated to a SP campaign. And while I2 strayed a little bit, it was still a SP experience even with the user created side-quests.

I personally like SP games, LONG and well thought out SP campaigns, and I hate the fact that they are becoming more and more extinct as online MP gaming becomes more popular.

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Philoctetes1667d ago

As always, I'm going to be very skeptical of adding multiplayer to a single-player franchise (especially an open-world franchise) until proven wrong. Every once in a while the MP turns out pretty good -- Uncharted, TLOU -- but for every one of those games there are half a dozen Tomb Raiders, Dead Spaces, Bioshocks, Mass Effects, and GTAs.

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XiSasukeUchiha1668d ago

Damn even huger than before way a go

grassyknoll1668d ago

I would love the level editor again, it was incredible.

ZodTheRipper1668d ago

It was great but it didn't have the impact I hoped for. I would rather prefer a competitive online mode if done right, this game has HUGE potential in that department.

grassyknoll1668d ago

I would like competitive too, but think 1v1 or 2v2 max, anymore would be very chaotic.

HeavenlySnipes1668d ago

Actually, the UGC was a great starting point but it had limitations that restricted the full creativity of the user base

If we were to get something even close to Little Big Planet level of customization, the UGC could be amazing

People have already created spectacular missions in InFamous 2 (several missions have turned into episodic releases with each episode taking 15-20 minutes each, along with a complete story and comic book cutscenes)

I don't think regular hero vs villain or what have you MP would work because unless SPhave been secretely working on it, it'd probably feel tacked on and unnecessary

roland821668d ago

I would rather have a really good long single player with user created side missions like infamous 2.

ITPython1668d ago

Unless Sucker Punch hires a separate team for MP and get a whole different budget for it, no, we can't have both.

If they add in MP it means all the devs time, resources and effort will have to be split.

Longer and better SP with no MP whatsoever > tacked on MP and gimped SP experience.

I would even go as far to say no user created stuff like in I2... just 100% offline single player focused, nothing else.

Kivespussi1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

The Last of Us had the best campaign for quite some time AND also a multiplayer mode that is really different from what we're used to but still simply awesome.

If it's well implemented it will go like this:
When announced people are sceptical but at release it blows everyone's minds but still there's some people that complain how it affected the single player even though it had a minimal or even no impact. This happened in TLOU.
If it's done averagely:
People will start complaining about how it took the focus off the single player and how it's tacked on and plain bad.
If it's actually bad:
Same as last one

vickers5001668d ago

I loved inFamous 2, in fact it's probably my favorite open world action game, but UGC sucked and was a pretty worthless addition to the game.

XtraTrstrL1668d ago

I'd assume it's the mission creation thingy. It would be cool if there was online co-op though. Versus mode I guess could be fun, but a game like this, I'd be more hyped for co-op. Any multiplayer mode is welcome though.

SKYVVLKR1668d ago

Could be awesome if implemented correctly. However, this is still THE game to get regardless if it has multiplayer or not.

intellegent1668d ago

Yeah this game is a day one purchase with or without MP. Having MP would be a pretty cool surprise though. There would be people gliding, thunder dropping, launching cars at each other, and after a certain amount of kills we get an ionic power. :D