Might & Magic X: Legacy Review | IncGamers

Tim McDonald, neither mighty nor magical, seems the perfect person to review an old-school fantasy RPG that lets him pretend to be both.

From the review: "It’s certainly old-school in its brutality. Might & Magic X doesn’t really do much to hold your hand past the first couple of areas, instead opening up its world and its quests to you in whatever order you want to deal with them. What this means is that, if you go exploring, the early game’s wolves and giant spiders will very quickly give way to massive black knights and roving orc warbands. If you can deal with them, then hey, you can doubtless find stuff to do in whatever area you’ve blundered into – and considering you’ll get a fair few quests early on that require trawling the entire map, there’s always reason to do so."

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