GamesBeat: Might and Magic X: Legacy resurrects a classic franchise but conjures boredom (review)

GamesBeat's Jay Henningsen: Might & Magic X: Legacy certainly did remind me of fun times I had in the past with earlier entries in the series. I even had fun for several hours. But once the nostalgia wore off, it served as a stark indication that many of these design choices should have been left in the past with its predecessors.

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Sadie21001639d ago

Too bad. I remember when Might & Magic used to be *the* RPG to play.

wita1639d ago

Yikes. Too bad. Not everything about old school is good.

jmosley6711639d ago

I never got started on this series... oh well.

Raistlinhawke1639d ago

M&M6: Mandate of Heaven remains a nostalgic and flawed treasure in my mind. Shame they couldn't tap back into the franchise's strengths for this one.