How impressed are you with next-gen so far?

Just how impressed are you with next-gen so far? Are you disappointed or thrilled? The new gen has both its positives and negatives.

See what we think so far about the hype, the visuals, gameplay and more.

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thekhurg1639d ago

I've been exceptionally pleased overall. Sure, I would have liked to have had a solid single player RPG experience at launch for something with high replayability, but Killzone, AC4 and DCUO have been more than enough to hold me over until later this year.

Bordel_19001639d ago

It's been kinda shit I think. Don't use my PS4 for anything right now. I play GT6 on PS3 and find myself going back to the PC. I haven't seen much next-gen on console yet.

thexmanone1639d ago

To much hate, People use to be gamers and just cared about games. Now its all about specs.

BX811639d ago

Yeah, I think it started with last gen multi plat comparison videos. I think all the consoles will do well. Well I want all the consoles to do well. Even the wii-u. If Nintendo releases a new Zelda game I think that could move consoles.

Twignberries1639d ago

Currently pretty average at best to be honest. As an ex-ultra high end pc gamer, so far nothing has struck me as "next gen". I do have faith though, soon enough I KNOW ps4 first party devs will blow our minds again with something truly amazing :)

LoliconMaster1639d ago

Meh to bad. No good games yet.

BX811639d ago

Wow. I know not everyone has the same taste so I'll just ask what are the game/s that didn't do it for you so far this gen? An RPG would have been nice in the mix.

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