Ten PS4 Games to Drag You Through the Next-Gen Drought

Push Square: "You can’t have a new hardware release without a drought. With publishers eager to prepare their wares in time for the lucrative launch period, there’s always a barren window that follows in close proximity. And while this author may still have a sizeable backlog to keep him occupied, we suspect that a handful of you will be wondering where your next PlayStation 4 purchase is going to come from. Don’t worry too much, though, for salvation is at hand – and it comes in the form of this upcoming software list. We should stress that not all of these games have firm dates attached, but we’ve tried to select software that we’re certain will deploy over the coming couple of months. It’s really not all that bad, as we’re about to prove."

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tigertron1582d ago

I've been too occupied with KZSF's multiplayer. Next up: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition then Outlast. I'm good. :D

get2sammyb1582d ago

Yeah, there's plenty on the horizon to play. :D