We Chat With Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games About Transistor

Hardcore Gamer: Supergiant Games is best known for Bastion, an insanely creative isometric RPG with layers, upon layers of imagination. It received plenty of awards, and each one well deserved. It would have been easy enough for the folks behind the hit to simply churn out a sequel, reuse some gorgeous artwork, and tweak the already excellent mechanics. And we would have been happy about it, as well, because it’s not everyday that a game like Bastion comes along. Instead, Supergiant decided to take the riskier route; the more inventive approach. Have you heard about Transistor? Of course you have, but just in case I’ll refresh your memory.

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ChaosKnight1702d ago

This game looks awesome. PS4 is snagging all of the cool indie games.

FamilyGuy1702d ago

Been waiting to hear more about this title, I really like the music and art style.