Video Games Studies Show Experience Can Translate to Real Life

GamerFitnation's Michael Arrietta, researches video games studies to show you how experience can translate to real life.

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Love to hear your thoughts on this guys.

Kryptonite42O1665d ago

Great read. I agree 100%

"We’ve all heard the cliché “dangers” of video games. The violence, bright screens, and solo-play will turn you into an overly aggressive, socially inept, and nearly blind burden to society. These days few people still believe those things, but scientific evidence is now coming out that they do just the opposite. On the contrary, games can sharpen your mind and even promote social skills."

Redinfamy1662d ago

Playing zombies for hours on call of duty, yup I a mready for a Zombie Apocalypse. Yes I am serious. Gamers period have a lot of skills that can apply in real life when needed. Even specific video games have helped real life situations - Gran Turismo is a perfect example. The pros use the game to help them on new courses.