The Future of Batman in Gaming – The Bat Needs a Break

David Rodriguez writes, "I recently finished the main story of Batman: Arkham Origins, and I can say that despite its criticisms, it is a very solid Batman game, with an engaging story and the Rocksteady-developed gameplay that I first fell in love with in 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. Origins has its issues though, and they are primarily centered on the game’s story, which while engaging is horribly misshapen (the big reveal, which was unfortunately spoiled for me beforehand, came much earlier in the story than I expected). However, these issues are nothing compared to what they represent: the challenges the franchise faces going forward and where the Batman character has been oriented in the wake Batman: Arkham Origin’s release."

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ziggurcat1702d ago

actually, the bat needs rocksteady.

Ezz20131702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Am i really the only one who love arkham origins more than arkham city ?

also, the next batman game need to be pretty damn big
and where you can be Bruce (also drive his cars,plans etc)or batman any time you want
the batcave have the batmobile,Batwing etc and you drive them any time you want
different type of skins and for the love of god put TDKR skin and Batman 1987 skin
i want random missions to stop crime something like arkham origins but stop bank robbery,chase,rape etc
and plz let the batsign from police station show up in the sky so batman go to police station to see what's going on
i want epic boss fights like in arkham origins
i want a real gotham city where there is people walking the street
i want better combat system and i want to scare the crap out of thugs where i take them any where i want to integrate them
like i beat the thugs on the street and then i take one of them with me to the rooftop and hang him from there etc


Kurylo3d1702d ago

yea I think you are the only one. Origins was terrible.... Nothing memorable about that game.

Was in fact very boring and very predictable. They wanted to make beleive it was a nolan game.. and it really wasnt. No style either. Only thing that made it playable was the gameplay that rocksteady implemented in the previous games.

Other then that its a cash in. A boring one at that. The most interesting villain in this was deathstroke and u got to see him for a whole 5 min lol.

ZombieKiller1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I disagree with this article, although Batman has been getting some good games recently, I feel like Batman as a character deserves more. I like where the Arkham games are going with the series, and AS LONG AS THEY DON'T MILK IT, I'd like them to keep making them.

Even with the bugs, I thoroughly enjoyed Origins and am looking forward to Rocksteady's sequel. My point is although they've released 3 games so far, there are still SOOOO many stories they could tell. I say bring the bat, assuming it does not lose quality like COD did over time. I see no harm.

Again, if you don't want it, or think it needs a break don't buy it. That's what I did with DmC this year (and Call of Duty actually). Batman has plenty of stories to tell and I think as long as it retains the quality of the first 2 games, I say more Batman. These games are awesome and there is a ton of things you could do to add a fresh feel. Instead of other games (since there's a foundation already built) why not include more to this game? Co-op, more characters, and a different story. We pay these guys for their creativity, instead of making Batman go away for a while, create something interesting and different. They're professionals in that region, aren't they?

Ghostgamer11702d ago

Actually, Batman needs a mix up! Add Robin and Batgirl for Co-op Experience! Better Multiplayer action and features! Different setting and plot! Different city than Gotham! How about a new made up city?!?!? They need a some screws tighten!

Vandamme211702d ago

The bat does not need a break..keep em coming.

dgrayson1702d ago

The Bat does need Rocksteady; the Bat also needs quality.

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