New Gran Turismo 6 Track Revealed in Live Stream Event

A recent live stream event for the Gran Turismo documentary, 'Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide', revealed footage of a new track in Gran Turismo 6, GTPlanet guesses more could be revealed at the upcoming 2014 Taipei Game Show.

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Riderz13371700d ago

I heard GT6 is getting a brand new course that's the longest in GT history. Even bigger than Nurburgring.

abstractel1700d ago

Hard to look at this after seeing Driveclub but it definitely looks good for a previous-gen game.

Me-Time1700d ago

It's a track trailer captured through a live stream. That's all I'll say.

Saithraphim1700d ago

OMG GT6 is amazing, a real driving simulator. I was laughing my ass off when the guys who did Forza was talking up the "new technology" they implemented for the real looking suspension on the car LMAO...yeeaahh seen that from GT2.

BX811700d ago

I'm not trying to be rude but you can tell this is from the old gen. It still looks good, but not new gen good.

ambientFLIER1700d ago

Um, ok. Did you really just compare Forza to Gt2?

Hicken1700d ago

Liking the look of this track. Has a "scenic drive" feel to it.

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