The Top Most Anticipated 3DS Games of 2014

AllThatsEpic: The 3DS is a really outstanding handheld console. It blew everyone away when it first arrived on the scene and it still continues to do so for me. Every time you start to play you feel physically pulled into the world you’re playing in, and that’s the beauty of the 3DS. The games for the 3DS are only getting better this year, which only means one thing, time for a list of the top 3DS games coming out this year!

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1664d ago

Bravely Default even tho its everywhere but America yet.

Can't wait for Persona Q to be localized tho.

kalkano1663d ago

Seriously, the only excuse for not having Bravely Default on the list, is if this is not an American site (and, I have no idea if it is).

Bravely Default is the only 3DS game I care about, this year.

Shinobi1001663d ago

Disney Magical World! I missed the announcement that it was coming Westward. I consider myself hardcore, but I got a serious Disney fetish. Maybe y'all aren't lucky enough to have a Disney store at your local mall. You know that spot in the back of the store where they have the big screen TV & and a huge pool of stuffed animals you can plop down in if none of the workers are looking?? Freakin awesome!

For some reason I thought this article said Top 5 most anticipated 3DS games of 2014, but it pretty much gives every single game announced for 2014 so far