Basement Crawl PS4 gameplay trailer

PS4 Exclusive Basement Crawl actual GAMEPLAY footage. Basement Crawl is a Bomberman inspired PS4 exclusive with a dark/horror setting.

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toddybad1634d ago

Er, that isn't Bomberman inspired, it is actually just Bomberman with a facelift.

Xyconaut1634d ago

are you shitting me? this is the exclusive that was being touted about for the ps4? its fkn bomberman!! just reskinned,ah well,bring on Secret Ponchos already!

Morgue1634d ago

I was expecting something completely different. Like Re-Loaded

Xyconaut1633d ago

same here,or some type of survival horror with multiplayer aspect to it - if you like the Loaded series look into Secret Ponchos!!