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Rockstar Reveals 10 New Grand Theft Auto Online Jobs, Including #CreatorWeekend Picks

During the last Social Club #CreatorWeekend, Rockstar invited Grand Theft Auto Online players to create their best Races and Deathmatches (for a chance at a million GTA$ and an exclusive GTA Online license plate). Now some of those selections have been reintroduced as GTA Online Jobs, given the Rockstar Verified seal, and will be available during Freemode sessions for players on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 along with several other Rockstar created Jobs, all of which can be viewed below (along with links to the Job descriptions and their creators where applicable). (Grand Theft Auto Online, PS3, Xbox 360)

snookiegamer  +   83d ago
Um, Okies... so when do I get to rob banks?
WillGuitarGuy  +   83d ago
You can pretend to rob a bank lol. People have been able to walk into the bank for a while now.
MestreRothN4G  +   83d ago
1. Race. 2. Race. 3. Race. 4. Race. 5. Race. 6. Race. 7. Race. 8. Race. 9. Race.
10. Guess what? Race.

Yeah! So many "jobs"!
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Caress01  +   83d ago
when can we buy houses instead of apartments and more than one
BattleTorn  +   83d ago
If you look at one of the realestate websites (in singleplayer) it has a very similar looking site to the one you buy apartments with - but it all has mansions.

AND, during IGN's "First 5 things to do in GTA Online"

The IGN REVIEWER said one can eventually purchase a mansion.

Video evidence right here: http://www.youtube.com/watc... \
"buy a garage... and then afterwards you can start saving up for buying a mansion in the vinewood hills" @1:48
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BattleTorn  +   83d ago
I never would've guessed, 6 months ago, that I'd feel this way, that I do, towards Rockstar Games.

>.> (You were supposed to be the chosen one!!!)
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TheSaint  +   83d ago
Agreed, it's not like I'm going to stop buying their games but they are no longer my favourite dev.
Koyes  +   83d ago
No heists yet, I presume.. what a dissapointment Gta Online is. Good thing I sold it when I did
BattleTorn  +   83d ago
nor the online stock market.
KonsoruMasuta  +   83d ago
I'm not going to lie. I got bored after like 2 weeks. I'm thinking about going back now that they have the content creator and cleaned up the glitch money in the community.

I just wish they would add heists already.
josephayal  +   83d ago
I haven't played V's online for like a month because its so boring
TuxedoMoon  +   83d ago
The online mode was and still is garbage. The super expensive items, notable to pick up the glowing ammunition that enemies drop, and the community. I'm playing on PS3 and I didn't really expect to hear 5-12 year old kids complaining and chattering in almost every random session I join. That's more of a pet-peeve I guess.

The community over all and the way the game was designed though, you just can't make friends on that game. 90% of the time you get leechers who AFK and make you do all the work, or you get people who just kill you...constantly! I kept spawning in literately the same area and kept getting killed by the same people. I was in a kill loop! It didn't help that "passive mode" doesn't work. I'd just get run over.

In order to have fun, you need, ABSOLUTELY NEED to have friends to play this game with. The majority of the community is simply too terrible to try to make friends. Another thing you need is a head set. For an online game, why the hell is it so hard and tedious to message people through text/keyboard chat? DEAD OR ALIVE HAS KEYBOARD CHAT! A FIGHTING GAME HAS KEYBOARD CHAT YET THIS ONLINE GAME DOES NOT?!

To chat in GTAO, you have to use the phone and literately text people with a 100 or so word limit. Then there's a cool down timer for that too. You can just...TYPE and get your message across! NOPE! You have to use the stupid phone and you can only text 1 person at a time!

I still try to play this game to see if I might be wrong and maybe could find a good few to do missions with, so far it's just been a whole lot of bull crap. I literately got to where I am now (27) through soloing missions. Soloing the online portion is just so boring! I maxed out stealth to discover it really doesn't do anything in the online mode. They spot you WAY too easily. I guess it lets your cop star cool down go down faster or something?
Hartsy  +   83d ago
Ermm rockstar.... Where's gta on Xbox 1 and ps4

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