The Metal Gear Online 2 Progression

So some of you may know that Metal Gear Online 2 is being revived by a couple of people on the SaveMGO forum and is going pretty smooth as of now. They have progressed a lot and I thought I’d put up here what they have done so far.

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Lowsnamebrand1669d ago

I hope this comes through I have a cfw ps3

UnrealThreats1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I can wait for MGO on Phantom Pain!

PaleMoonDeath1668d ago

Same here! the only thing is MGO2 has a certain feel to it, personality wise that I adore above all other online games, if they get it anything like MGO2, that will be near flawless in my books.

WeAreLegion1668d ago

MGO should have been one of the biggest multi-player modes of the generation. That stupid Konami crap ruined it though.

DCfan1668d ago

Agreed, glitchers could return any second after they're banned because they can make other Konami IDs

PaleMoonDeath1668d ago

I love these people for doing this :')

I played MGO every night since it released in 2008, after the servers were dropped I wasn't able to find anything that captured the same feeling until TLOU, This is great news!

Deep-throat1668d ago

MGO2 is the best MP I have played

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The story is too old to be commented.