Bungie Teases Destiny with Two Amazing Screenshots

Spawnfirst "Earlier today Bungie released a teaser photo of their highly anticipated game, Destiny.  The picture features a sunrise over what looks to be a military base.  The picture is accompanied by the tweet."

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JAT23041363d ago

I want this game already!! Looks fantastic!!

Anthotis1363d ago

It could look like real life, i still would not buy DRMstiny.

Ultr1363d ago

Its an MMO it is destined to be always Online.
Or what do you mean?

spicelicka1363d ago

lol ok enjoy not playing it then.

qu1ckset1363d ago

Lol you obviously never played a mmo before...

Scatpants1363d ago

Yeah I'm really mad this isn't a soccer game. Why did it have to be an online shooter?

3-4-51362d ago

ehh This game is going to be awesome I think. Worst case scenario it's still a pretty decent game.

ELCUCO1363d ago

Already hyped for this game. Give us 1080/60 and I'm throwing a release party at my place!

Pixel_Enemy1363d ago

I can't wait for this game on PS4. I can't stand the launch drought of games. Early adopters without games to play is a real first world problem ;P

GravelerMagnitude91363d ago

thats what im sayin. i got all this money to spend dedicated to videogames and my wallet is collecting dust

Pixel_Enemy1363d ago

Same here. I got a lot of gamestop gift cards for the holidays and my birthday last week and I have nothing that I want to spend them on. All the games I want are coming later in the year.

Patricko1363d ago

They already said that game will be running in 30 fps.

qu1ckset1363d ago

They never once said that... At least for ps4..

Ashunderfire861363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

Getting this on PS4. Add me my PSN is legionaire2008. Right now I am mostly playing BF4, GTA 5, and PS3 PSN Plus free games throughout January.

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The story is too old to be commented.