Why Trophies are better than Achievements

"with Sony now entering the new generation and with Trophies being integrated from day one on the PlayStation 4, it seems Sony have swept the rug under Microsoft and beaten them at their own game."

Gameondaily discusses why the PlayStation's Trophy system is superior to the Xbox's Achievement system.

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TOGC1584d ago

You can bid on something with a gold trophy :D

Necro_5591584d ago

They need to upgrade the PS4 trophy system so that we can view them offline, and a form of our profile. What i dont understand is that you can do this if you dont like a profile with a PSN account. But once you link your PSN account, you cant view them offline. Makes no sense. Time to fix that Sony, please.

LordMaim1584d ago

I can view my trophies while offline. Not sure what you're complaining about.

abzdine1584d ago

congratulations for your Platinum, keep them coming bro!
you have a few left to catch me :O)

Septic1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

You've almost got 40 Platinums. By the time I catch up with that, PS6 will come out.

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WeAreLegion1584d ago

I love the rarity system.

ArchangelMike1584d ago

Agreed, the rarity system really adds that sense of... erm.. 'achievement' when you get a trophy that is ultra rare.

FamilyGuy1584d ago

Agreed and agreed.

It's really cool seeing how rare it is to have done certain things. Having an Ultra Rare trophy and seeing only .05% have ever gotten it really makes you feel special.

Budobear1584d ago

I was going to argue and say there is no difference between the two.......but I'd completely forgotten about how they are classed as common or rare or ultra rare now.
I've got a couple of ultra rare trophies, which I find kind of cool, even though I'm not one for trying to search out all the trophies in a game.

LordMaim1584d ago

Also, you're forgetting the most brilliant/insidious variation of all: the Platinum trophy. With achievements, all you have is your x out of y number and a points total, whereas with the Playstation, you have trophies of different types/rarities and get an extra trophy for getting 100% in the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.