The Biggest Problem With Rust


Let me prefix this by saying that Rust is a great game. It has already impressed gamers from around the globe with its fresh approach to the world of the sandbox survival genre but despite earning over 55% of Garry's Mod total revenue in just over a month, Rust does have some problems

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ATiElite1640d ago

The Biggest Problem With the editor: He lacks HARDCORE Gaming skills

Stop Crying! PC Games are NOT suppose to be easy and friendly. PC Games are HARD, challenging, and have steep learning curves. Being a Newbie and figuring out how to survive against Veterans makes Rust better than advertised.

Gamers driving the game is what makes PC Gaming so darn fun. Sure I was frustrated at first in Rust but I didn't cry I just used my Gaming SKILLS to overcome and boy was it fun and challenging.

It's just like DayZ or Eve Online, if you are a Newbie with low gear then you are gonna suffer and that my friend is the GLORY of CORE PC GAMING.....The Challenge! The Suffering The disadvantages but then you overcome them and YOU are truly a skilled gamer.

If you want Happy, friendly, and easy then I'm sure XB1/PS4 has something for you but if you want to be challenged or even put face to face against Goliath odds then go play Rust and put your GAMING SKILLS to the test.