Microsoft: "The Needs Of the Gamer And The Needs Of The Game Developers Are At Direct Odds"

Creating consoles is a tricky business, especially in today's world where technology is evolving at such a rapid pace.

According to Boyd Multerer, the director of development at Xbox, gamers want to buy into technology that can evolve over the years, while developers need a fixed piece of hardware to work with. With Xbox One, Multerer believes he has managed to strike the right balance.

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pyramidshead1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

There's that balance word again... and I'm not too sure about satisfying devs part, it seems some are not quite there yet.

Eonjay1547d ago

I can kinda understand where he is coming from because you have to decide on some specs for the developer to code against. But as soon as you do so, you are stuck with those decisions for the entire generation.

SilentNegotiator1547d ago

"gamers want to buy into technology that can evolve over the years, while developers need a fixed piece of hardware to work with"

If that were true, gamers would never buy consoles and developers would never make PC games.

thehitman1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I think it is true for the majority of devs. The reason why people make PC games is because its a pretty open platform. Also everyone has a PC whether it be a gaming machine or just a laptop with integrated graphics. They are all potential costumers. It is not because they like to from a development stand point as it is easier to code for they do it from a pure business standpoint. If you asked any PC developer I bet they would say they rather develop for 1-2 types of gpu/cpu then 20 different gpus/cpus. The only other reason for them to also like PC development is because the tech gets better every year where you can make improvements to your engine every year to make your game more impressive but that's the double edge sword that plagues PC gaming today.

Thats why console gaming is so appealing to them more than PCs its a undeniable fact that the best developers are developing for consoles and not on PC. Sure there are great PC studios but they are few and far in between.

Seafort1547d ago

@thehitman You do realise most of the console developers today started off making games exclusively for PC.

Infinity Ward/Respawn, Epic, Bioware, Bungie, and many more all started on PC platforms.

CD Projekt Red is one of the best studios atm and they were a PC exclusive developer.

PC development is just easier and with lower overheads than consoles so most developers start there.

thehitman1547d ago

@ seafort

Ya they start on PC and end on Consoles. PC isnt the dream job or they would stay on PCs.

3-4-51547d ago

Once again...everybody forgets history.

* N64 did it with the memory upgrade slot.

Nobody has been able to take that idea to the next level in 18 years ?!!

Pathetic & Lazy.


* Build your system with Cartridge slots in the side for upgrades over time.

* Plug in a SNES sized GPU/RAM combo in year 3-4 and get a graphics & memory boost for $100-150.

How hasn't anybody been smart enough to make this happen yet?

n4rc1547d ago

Splits your market.. Now devs need to make games for both sets of customers or ignore one..

BlackTar1871547d ago

pretty sure the N64 idea failed pretty hard.

i did have mine though with Turok 2

man i miss Turok 1 and Turok2 man i just miss N64 all together.

thehitman1547d ago

Sony tried it too with the PS2 and it didnt work out that great. Console gamers dont want to deal with it and it divides the community and the games not worth it.

cyguration1547d ago

So why was Sony able to do it with the PS4 but Microsoft can't with the Xbox One?

WickedLester1547d ago

Because MS was hell bent on putting that damn camera in every single box.

avengers19781547d ago

Don't forget all those extra " features" like Skype, snapping, and fantasy football, those are all super important right? Right?

pyramidshead1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I don't think the camera is even the main problem. The OS built around it to somewhat justify its mandatory inclusion is probably a separate issue.

MS wanted their fingers in multiple pies from one hand(the box). It's a multimedia device not a dedicated gaming one. Those decisions affected the specs and so on and so forth.

jonboi241547d ago

Because Sony developed the system for gamers by gamers. They didn't see devs as just product makers but as gamers who want to make games they want for other games.

XiSasukeUchiha1547d ago

Playstation 4 was gamer focused machine in the first place.

Irishguy951547d ago

Ps4 will have all the features the X1 has now. They just weren't ready yet. Sony as stated this. Somehow though X1 =/= for gamers and Ps4 does. Even though X1 has just as many high quality exclusives this year. Fanboys will be fanboys though.

DragonKnight1547d ago

Irishguy, the difference is that Sony focused on making the console for games first, everything else second. That's why those features aren't there. And when they come, they'll still be of secondary importance to Sony, whereas they are the forefront for Microsoft.

hello121547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Maybe because Microsoft xb1 is not just a gaming machine? I can't understand why Sony fans don't get this?

The PS4 is targeting gamers only. The xb1 is targeting gamers and other people interested in other forms of entertainment.

It only be an issue if the xb1 was a gaming machine and nothing else. The PS4 likely would be killing Microsoft with sales.

Sony fans are having hard time grasping the xb1 is not like the PS4

Wedge. Don't buy it then and you got a PS4, are you happy? You act like children oh Microsoft had to make a console for gamers or whats the point? Thats how a child thinks about stuff.

SilentNegotiator1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"Maybe because Microsoft xb1 is not just a gaming machine?"

That has nothing to do with the fact that Sony pleased both parties with Ps4 and MS not seeming to be able to do so, which is the comment that you replied to.

Wedge191547d ago

I think Sony fans know full well that the XBone is not the PS4, because the Xbone is NOT a gamer centric machine. It is so focused on everything else that it is clashing with what gamers really want: A gaming console for gamers, by gamers, with gaming at it's heart.

All of your reasoning for why Sony fans don't get it is exactly why they DO get it.

Minato-Namikaze1547d ago

But the ps4 can do other things as well. It's just that they know you cater to your core 1st, then branch out while still keeping them happy with games throughout the life cycle.

DxTrixterz1547d ago

Thing is right now PS4 is killing Xbox One with sales (1.2 million more PS4's sold must mean something).


The problem with that argument is that the ps4 for all it's "Gamer focus"... still does nearly everything the xb1 does.

and even for the one or two things it does not do some of them may still be added later anyway.

Bdub20001547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

KNWS : don't try to reason with them... It will make your head explode. Let's enjoy our X1's while ps4 owners are stuck with a last Gen console with better graphics...

Uh oh, a negative ps4 comment. I'm preparing for my lashings!

@DXtrixterz, 1.2 million is definitely a gap. But both consoles sold 1 million consoles in 24 hours, so... Maybe the gap will widen, but for now, 1.2 million is really not impressive, especially when the life span of the console will sell at least 80 million like last Gen. You do the math, we battle over the superior console while MS and Sony skip to the bank...

Godmars2901547d ago

Its not that the PS4 is games centric, but rather Sony didn't focus on non-gaming features when they first showed it off. Media support was a secondary concern where it was apparently first for MS with the XB1. MS made concessions in favor of media where Sony hasn't.

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nategrigs1547d ago

I would buy a PC if I needed the hardware to evolve over time.

avengers19781547d ago

Agreed. He's comment is suggesting that the XB1 can be upgraded, and it can't be. I'm sure with updates and such they can make it better, but the hardware is the hardware in a console until they make a new one.

JeffGUNZ1547d ago

I believe he was talking about the UI and updates they do regularly, not specs itself.

Agent_00_Revan1547d ago

Agreed. I like a console for price and stability. I don't have to worry about that sweet game releasing in a few months not being able to run on my system and requiring me to upgrade.

N81547d ago

Thats what I'm asking. Even if sony was doing the same why do they hide it so much better? Why are they struggling in this invisible war

DragonKnight1547d ago

"gamers want to buy into technology that can evolve over the years."

Wrong. Gamers just want good games. Sure, we'd like for them to evolve over time, but that doesn't automatically mean a technology leap every year. You'll notice that most gamers enjoy having console generations of 5 to 10 years. In all that time, technology as far as the consoles is concerned doesn't evolve. It remains static. The only thing that evolves is software, which is on the developer's side. Gamers can be a hard bunch to please, but only when you show them that you're slacking and just trying to phone in your efforts.

To prove what I'm saying is true, take a look at Journey. That game has received high praise from countless sources, but would you considered it a technological marvel? Of course not. But that doesn't mean it isn't an "evolved" game.

The needs of the gamer are to be given good games that are worth playing.

The needs of the developer are to gouge us and use as minimal effort as possible. That's never been clearer than the present day when you see the ridiculous costs of games, the entire DLC and Microtransaction business models, and the rampant DRM schemes being, or trying to be, thrown at every gamer under the sun, labeling all of us as criminals because god forbid we actually want to own something we paid money for and not pay you a cut out of every used sale because you somehow think you're different from every other industry in the world.

I don't think anyone at Microsoft is in the position to make any kind of claim to know the needs of the gamer when they haven't been trying to cater to gamers for years now.

cyguration1547d ago

I know you don't care about bubbles... but bubs+ well said.

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