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No mention of PlanetSide 2 PS4 in SOE's developer roadmap

GameZone writes, 'In posting the updated PlanetSide 2 development roadmap, developer Sony Online Entertainment made note of a lot of cool and exciting features coming to the online shooter. Outfit recruiting, a new continent (Hossin), continent locking, and outfit base capture are all new features planned for release sometime down the line. But you know what was missing from the roadmap?' (Planetside 2, PS4)

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fredrikpedersen  +   185d ago
Image chosen is not representative of PS2 visuals at all. Get a clue
MrCrimson  +   185d ago
Yeah, what the heck is that? Pre-Alpha screenshot?
ABizzel1  +   185d ago
It's coming. There's no point in them making a huge effort in switching their engine over to take advantage of multi-core threading after it had already launched on PC with no intent of a Planetside 2 coming within the next year. The only purpose of doing that was a PS4 port.
WeAreLegion  +   185d ago
It's coming. The devs have been talking about it a lot.
Maxor  +   185d ago
They're wasting their time. PS2 isn't like DCUO. It's very PC centric by design and the verticality of the the gameplay will turn off console fans.

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