No mention of PlanetSide 2 PS4 in SOE's developer roadmap

GameZone writes, 'In posting the updated PlanetSide 2 development roadmap, developer Sony Online Entertainment made note of a lot of cool and exciting features coming to the online shooter. Outfit recruiting, a new continent (Hossin), continent locking, and outfit base capture are all new features planned for release sometime down the line. But you know what was missing from the roadmap?'

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fredrikpedersen1335d ago

Image chosen is not representative of PS2 visuals at all. Get a clue

MrCrimson1335d ago

Yeah, what the heck is that? Pre-Alpha screenshot?

ABizzel11335d ago

It's coming. There's no point in them making a huge effort in switching their engine over to take advantage of multi-core threading after it had already launched on PC with no intent of a Planetside 2 coming within the next year. The only purpose of doing that was a PS4 port.

WeAreLegion1335d ago

It's coming. The devs have been talking about it a lot.

Maxor1335d ago

They're wasting their time. PS2 isn't like DCUO. It's very PC centric by design and the verticality of the the gameplay will turn off console fans.