Eternal Love. A WoW Girl Keeps Writing to Late Boyfriend for 5 Years

It is a very painful story happened in a pair of lovers named "Zhanxi" and "Qingchuan". In 2009, unfortunately, the boy "Qingchuan" died drowning in Vancouver, Canada. The girl "Zhanxi" was so sad that she couldn't believe her boyfriend passed away. In the next five years from 2009 to 2013, everyday, she insisted on leaving messages to "Qingchuan" via a Chinese social networking site and sharing her happiness, sorrows and countless thoughts about love, although "Qingchuan" cannot reply to her any longer. Ignoring the relatives and friends' persuasion, she won't give up. Below is a part of the messages in Chinese:

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Pozzle1545d ago

Aww, that's really sad. :(