Atlus Makes Staff Play Daylight. Scares Living Daylights Out of Them

T1 - Publisher Atlus has been doing some internal QA on upcoming first-person horror game, Daylight, and they decided to film their staff playing the game as part of the process. Unsurprisingly, they all look pretty spooked.

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PlayStationdominance1706d ago

Hmmmmm... seemed like some of this was "acted". Michelle even looked at the camera INSTEAD of focusing on the game.

Oh well. All will be revealed in due course.

BranWheatKillah1706d ago

This wasn't a hidden camera prank. They know the camera is there.

PlayStationdominance1706d ago

I know.

It's just screams of "fake".

I remember IGN did something similar with OutLast but they weren't the developers of the game.


Studio-YaMi1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Michelle actually had the most UNFAKE reaction of the bunch.

She was startled and looked at the camera while laughing,you would do that if you were scared too while someone is setting next to you.


"I remember IGN did something similar with OutLast but they weren't the developers of the game."

Atlus is the PUBLISHER,not the developer of the game,developers are Zombie Studios.

SeanScythe1706d ago

This and Outlast will be so much fun. I can't wait to try and get my wife to play them or at least watch me play them.

rayzorn1706d ago

yeah that looked staged to me. the way they reacted then looked at the camara.

Joey_Leone1706d ago

I haven't played a scary game since F.E.A.R 1, i hope this game will scare me.

PeaSFor1706d ago

wait what.. F.E.A.R being scary?(well, thats not how i remember it)

All the alma apparitions was cheesy as f*ck to me, lets add a bullet time effect in the game to make you even more OP and mow down the enemies and make it even less "scary".

the last scary games i played was Siren on ps2 and playing the first Dead Space on pc(alone in the dark with headphone...the sound ambience really made me nervous)

Joey_Leone1706d ago

Try playing that game by yourself with headphones on at night, not only was it a bit creepy, but the gameplay was awesome as well. Not everyone gets scared of the same thing.

pwnsause_returns1706d ago

FEAR 1 was scary as hell man. at least i remembered it that way.

FITgamer1706d ago

I remember sitting in my apartment playing F.E.A.R alone, with the surround sound on constantly looking over my shoulder lol. Same with Condemned.

PeaSFor1706d ago

Condemned 2

.....Dat damn bear!

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