Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC Map Titles Leaked - Rumor

"The map titles for the upcoming Naval Strike DLC for Battlefield 4 have been leaked ahead of schedule."

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Mr7Beans1638d ago

I hoped for the return of wake island :\
but dat 'Operation Mortar', i lol'd.

KyRo1637d ago

We've had Second assault with four old naps already. We don't need more reused maps as much as I do love Wake Island, I've been playing that map for over a decade now. Let it rest.

Phoenix761637d ago

Still waiting for second assualt!!!! When is that out?

melemelnyc1637d ago

Rumors r saying in February for ps4 ps3.

3-4-51637d ago

wait....SA is out for PC already ?

since when ?

RedSoakedSponge1637d ago

i totally agree with this article. tbh i think microsoft screwed up with achievements on xbox one. they arent easily accessible, some of them just seem pointless, and the sense of achievement just isnt there anymore. i dont care about completing a games achievement list anymore (and i have a gamerscore of over 100,000!).

now when it comes to sony, its been a total role reversal. due to how clunky and slow the ps3 trophies were implemented, it really diluted the enjoyment. but now with the ps4, they have really integrated the trophy system very well. its quick, easy to navigate and compare with friends, and adding the rarity system really makes enjoying the system feel very new. In my opinion, even the pop-up notification for trophies on ps4 is a lot cooler/smoother than the xbox ones achievements.

tbh, ever since i got that Day One Achievement unlock, with no point value and no way of showing friends you unlocked it, i was like "what the f*ck is the point?!" Microsoft has to really try and innovate in a new update or something because this just wont do!

(sorry for rambling lol)

PFFT1637d ago

Now its Achievements vs Trophies..........SMH

RedSoakedSponge1637d ago

every aspect of consoles will be compared. achievements/trophies definitely wont be an exception.

Phoenix761637d ago

I'm sorry but are u even looking at the title for this article? Or even read it? Not trolling mate, but a serious question? After all, there is nothing in this article about trophies or achievements, this is about the next dlc for BF4 lol

RedSoakedSponge1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

OMG. FFS... this happened to me before lmao. i was reading another article about achievements/trophies! no idea how i appeared on this article.

still got agrees though funnily enough hahaha!

also. just wondering. has this happened to anyone else recently?

Phoenix761637d ago

Yeah its happened to me before, normally when I'm doing it on my iPhone lol

RedSoakedSponge1637d ago

thank god im not the only one then lol. iv never used my phone with n4g though.

Lordofrankness1637d ago

if rumors r saying feb for ps4 that is completely false. MS and EA got a deal where all there DLC is on XBOX first then pc then SONY. So maybe feb is the XBOX date or the dlc should b out soon for XO

Lilrizky1637d ago

Umm china rising came to all consoles at the same time
It was just second assault

csreynolds1637d ago

I do hope we don't see this any time soon. Given that DICE and EA said they are putting a hold on all future projects until BF4 is stable (which, in it's current state, it still isn't), I'd hate to be given another reason not to trust a word either says going forward...

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