Strider Preview Closer Look Enemy Types

Check out the latest video preview of Strider. The game is coming this February and is a remake of the classic 1989 side-scrolling action game by Capcom. Double Helix Games are overseeing the development of the game. A new year and new reveals of enemy types in Strider coming February to Xbox One/360, Playstation 3/4 and Steam.

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XtraTrstrL1665d ago

I still can't believe Capcom outsourced this to Double Helix. Right after they recently stated they weren't gonna do as much outsourcing anymore, and handling their top franchises with more care. I'm not impressed with the art style or any of the gameplay I've seen so far. Why would they bring Strider back in such fashion? Morons, they deserve to be going bankrupt.

jetlian1665d ago

who cares DH did good with KI

XtraTrstrL1665d ago

LOL, did they? Last I heard the game isn't even in sync when you play online. The gameplay looks shakey and combo stringing doesn't have the same feel as KI. The characters have more of a SFIV look to them than the cool CGI ray traced KI look. It got a 73 metacritic score, 6.3 user score. Not quite what you'd expect from a polished fighter, and for such a beloved franchise.

Strider is too big of a fan favorite that hasn't gotten much exposure to be just handing out to some random unproven outsourced dev teams.

jetlian1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

1 its critic score is based on lack of content at release.2 it doesnt factor in price 20 bucks. 3 user score means nothing when anybody can post reviews.

strider isnt a strong brand. if it was he would have 30 games by now given its 20+ years old series.

edit: it doesnt have sinc issues it hardly ever lags and if a person backs out it tells you. As for street fighter it doesnt play or look like the 90s games either whats your point?