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Pachter: “There Is No Future” For PS Vita And Sony’s Handheld Market

GR: With the ongoing success of smart devices and Nintendo's clear dominance is the dedicated gaming handheld space, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn't see a future for Sony in the portable games market. (3DS, PS Vita, Sony)

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Neonridr  +   670d ago
wow... I only thought he had a hard-on for Anti-Nintendo stuff..
Hatsune-Miku  +   670d ago
Sony needs to flood vita with a lot more quality games.
bothebo  +   670d ago
Lol there's no getting around it at this point. They need to bring some very compelling software if they want the Vita to go anywhere at this point. The thing is practically dead, but as a Vita owner i'd like to think that it has something coming its way in the future. Also, indies are not going to cut it at this point.
acharlez  +   670d ago
It's a high powered machine that can offer AAA experiences on the go.

Sadly, the mass market consumer doesn't really want that...
Snookies12  +   670d ago
It's got a lot of games... They're just exclusive to Japan lol.

Luckily we're getting a few coming this way. Demon Gaze, Danganronpa, Toukiden, Monster Monpiece, Disgaea 4 Return, Conception 2, Deception 4, and we just got Ys Celceta recently.
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Baccra17  +   670d ago
True, but Vita shouldn't pigeonhole itself as a handheld. It's an adaptable piece of tech that also needs to take advantage of Playstation Now.

It really needs to be what the Wii U was trying to be before Nintendo went the cheap miserly route, and that is a hybrid system that is both a home console and on the go gaming platform. Use the PS4 and Playstation Now to it's fullest potential and drop the ridiculous prices on the memory cards and Sony can turn the Vita around.
Enate  +   670d ago
RPGs psp shot up after Crisis Core and the 3DS is constantly praised for mainly its rpgs. An one of the most talked about vita releases period is Persona 4 Golden. Bring good rpgs an the rest will fall in to place they work really well on handhelds. FF Agito should of been ported to vita and released in the states ages ago.
SilentNegotiator  +   670d ago
Sony allowed Vita to be flooded with crap, from a mediocre Resistance to a crappy RE to a crappy COD; they had no strong plans for it launching with a lot of great software. Sony gave it proprietary memory cards that cost an insane amount, making DDs on less viable. Sony decided to make it strong (and thus expensive) when handheld gamers have always been content with cheap, weaker devices (all the more relevant in a time where cell phones are quenching many casual gamers thirst for mobile entertainment).

It has been 2 years, potentially more than a 1/3 of its lifetime (the time until it's succeeded). If it hasn't perked up yet, it doing so later won't likely do it a lot of good with the time it has left.

Sony doomed Vita to mediocre sales. That's right, I used the forbidden "D word" and I mean it. Nothing short of a miracle or an entire mess of cash being injected into it would save it from mediocre sales.
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ABizzel1  +   670d ago

Exactly. There are a solid amount of good games on Vita, but there aren't any AAA franchises on it, and that have name and brand recognition. Until those games come Vita will be a niche device that only PS gamers enjoy.

What's sad is that, they're missing out on a bunch of good games, and worse all the free stuff from PS+.

My 32GB memory card is already full from PS+, and I have a feeling when I get my 64GB it's going to be full as well instantly since i have about 10 PS Vita games currently sitting on my PS3 HDD.

I think they're next handheld device, needs to simply be a PlayStation themed tablet. It might not be "handheld portable", but it just makes more sense and functions better as a multipurpose device.

Mobile Technology is finally to the point where real console gaming can be done on devices like tablets (Vita is close, but still not quite there, but Tegra 5 is), so a PlayStation tablet with dedicated controls, built with the PS4 / PS5 in mind seems like the logical way to go.

7" - 10" OLED screen
1+ TFLOP (Tegra 5 is almost 400 GFLOPS, Tegra 6 should be almost 2x)
32GB internal Memory

$299 (2018 release date)
BX81  +   670d ago
Agreed. It's a great piece of hardware just needs more games. It kinda seems like the vita is being presented more as a second screen for the ps4 at this point. Last I saw borderlands was coming out for it so that should give it a boost as far as being in the hands of gamers for a large amount of time.
Beetey  +   670d ago
Nope. He will trash anything if people are willing to listen. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there are still people who listen to him.
Anon1974  +   670d ago
Reminds me of how we were constantly reminded for years that the PSP was doomed. DOOOMED!
SilentNegotiator  +   670d ago

2 years in, PSP was at 25 million. Anyone using the word "doom" for PSP at that point in its lifetime must have been high. There were plenty of negative articles LATER in its lifetime, but that's because it was dropping in sales at a fast rate.

Vita is a whole different story entirely.
Anon1974  +   670d ago
But they were saying it was doomed, weren't they. We endured years of articles regarding the PSP's demise, what Sony could do to "save" the PSP, analyzing what went wrong with the PSP, etc.

You're right. It is a completely different story. This isn't 2006 anymore. Mobile game sales dwarf sales for dedicated handhelds. This isn't the same market. I'm not for a second claiming the PS Vita isn't struggling, but I'm saying we've heard this type of doomsaying time and time again. After over a decade of listening to these type of "Doom" stories, they've simply lost their impact and any credibility they may have once had.

So Pachter admittedly doesn't "get it" when it comes to the PS Vita's appeal. He thinks all the casuals have moved to mobile, but since when was the casual market the PS Vita's target, or the PSP? This is coming from the guy that also admitted he didn't "get" why WWII games were popular.

Personally, as the article mentioned, I have a tonne of games on my Vita and the combination of the Vita and PSN+ is simply an amazing value. I don't care if the Vita is pulled from the shelf tomorrow, I'm quite happy I'm a Vita owner. I'm just saying I take all these types of predictions with a grain of salt. So should you.
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3-4-5  +   670d ago
He is anti everything as long as it makes him money.
ritsuka666  +   670d ago
I don't think the Vita will reach even 15mil LTD.well,serves you rights for Sony arrogance.
bryam1982  +   670d ago
yeah yeah patcher whatever you say

send from my ps vita
Concertoine  +   670d ago
I hope the vita does okay lifetime. I wouldnt want sony to try and mimic nintendo's direction with handhelds because the dichotomy between the vita and 3ds is what makes them both must owns.
acharlez  +   670d ago
At least those who have purchased the console have been quite satisfied.

We probably won't see a successor, though. Sony will likely just push smartphones after the Vita is dead.
Rainstorm81  +   670d ago
especially with Vita TV and PSNOW
Inception  +   670d ago
Yup, i'm really satisfied with my vita. Can't wait for Gravity Rush 2, Freedom Wars, DanganRonpa, SS Delta, Toukiden, Trails in the Sky: 2nd chap, and many more.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   670d ago
I love my Vita, but I'd have a hard time recommending one to anyone else. It's a great bit of kit but it just doesn't have mass market appeal, most folks are happy with their smartphone and tablet games if they want portable gaming, and I think that is just what the future of hand held gaming will be. Especially now that we are seeing official controllers for iOS devices.
Unlimax  +   670d ago
Totally ~
Have you seen Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Screenshots for the Vita ?
Oh My ... ❤
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Inception  +   670d ago
Digimon series isn't my cup of tea. But a lot of my friends got nuts when they saw Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. They will buy Vita once this game got out. I always thought that Digimon had the potential to match Pokemon series. To bad sony/namdai doesn't maximize that potential.
Mikelarry  +   670d ago
i really cant put my finger on it but I cant think of what is making the vita not sell like hot cakes

it has power, sexy design and GAMES.

i own a vita (first gen) but i hardly ever use it, although i am looking forward to gravity rush two
Concertoine  +   670d ago
I think its because a lot of the software isnt designed with portability in mind, more of a console experience on the go. Like the wipeout on vita look great but it has like 45 sec-1 minute loading screens that pretty much kill any chance of playing it for a quick 5-10 minutes on the bus. Also stuff like uncharted and gravity rush are great games but theyre still not games designed to be played on the go.
acharlez  +   670d ago
Very true.
givemeshelter  +   670d ago
You just nailed it... Fully...
klecser  +   670d ago
It does not have games. In classic Sony fashion it has a very narrow set of game genres covered. I'd buy one if they made a game in a genre I like.
acharlez  +   670d ago
What kind of game would get you to buy one?
Fluke_Skywalker  +   670d ago
It has a huge spread of genres! My only issue with it's library is a distinct lack of AAA high quality titles.
incredibleMULK  +   670d ago
I wish Sony would stop pushing handheld, all that chains of Olympus and kill zones and resistances could have been manpower spent on ps3 versions good ones...not crappy prequels. Or money used for a decent dualshick4 battery that lasts longer than 6 hours. Vita is the reason Sony is in financial crumbs and Nintendo is doing the same with their testicle less wiiu. Its just sad.. but funny.

I will say this killzone shadow fall rocks. Now imagine if they used that kill zone liberation development costs for more maps or voice chat which it is currently lacking.

Sony focus boy, focus. Are ya paying attention to what I'm trying to tell ya boy?
NYC_Gamer  +   670d ago
There's no real support for the handheld and plus its now being marketed as an PS4 accessory
acharlez  +   670d ago
Yep. Pretty much.

Think that will help its chances at all?
Concertoine  +   670d ago
It has, vita sales have baselined higher since the ps4 released. Its a genius design, but theres still only a handful that want to drop another 200 bucks after spending 400 on a ps4. Whats annoying is sony has actually relegated a few of their handheld dedicated 2nd and 1st party studios into ps4 development. Like those guys making The Order used to made GoW psp games.
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Rainstorm81  +   670d ago
it actually might get more traction as a ps4 accessory down the road
incredibleMULK  +   670d ago
During the Obama years...?.. uh,..no. $420 for ...console check,$190 for 3 decent games...check, $50 for PS+ membership...check...$300 hand held console with 5" screen and $30 shit games.....uh no,...I think I'll just buy a new Samsung galaxy.
Rainstorm81  +   670d ago
i can find a Vita right now for 100-120$....shop smart... and i said down the road sheesh....the Galaxy cant do connectivity wise via remote play what the vita can with the PS4 hence an accessory.

Games? Between Remote playing PS4 games PS+ and PSNow and you should be good to go on the games front

But if you are looking for Plants vs Zombies ,Angry Birds , Subway Surf and Candy Crush, then yes that may not be for you. and a GS4 costs more than a PS4 if we are talking price...but the games sure are cheap
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lilbroRx  +   670d ago
Hasn't that already failed?
dbjj12088  +   670d ago
I'm dying for more Vita games, third- or first-party. I don't care.
givemeshelter  +   670d ago
It's such a fantastic piece of hardware, however it lacks compelling games and unfortunately for once in his life, Patcher is right in this regards.
It's a shame, however between lack of quality games for the Vita and the fast pace of mobile and tablet gaming growing at record speeds, there is no place left for the Vita.... :-(
ThyMagicSword  +   670d ago
His assumptions have no past, why should they have a present or even a future? Patcher should re-name himself into Patcherdamus or Patcherramus (I don't really care), if he is that brave in seeing into the future, he just should be ashamed of himself.
givemeshelter  +   670d ago
Patcher is a clown and I wonder how the hell he still has a job. We all know this, however this one he got right... And it's not like it could take a genius to figure this out. Anyone could see this coming. Patcher just preaches nonsense OR facts we already know.
ThyMagicSword  +   670d ago
No, no, no, no ... I bought myself a Vita some time ago, because I know that sooner or later a Monster Hunter game will come out for it, so the Vita isn't doomed for me. Sales-wise maybe, but the system is still alive and it could stay alive for another five years or so, there is always something to hold on.
SonyROXitoohya   670d ago | Trolling | show
wheresmymonkey  +   670d ago
i never thought i'd agree with patcher but he's spot on for once. Its a sad because he vita is a great device, but outside of Japan no one gives a toss about it.

With the off tv ps4 stuff being now seen a s amjor part of the consoel i can only see it getting worse for the vita as anything other than an expensive 'me too' wiiu gamepad for the ps4.
Hicken  +   670d ago
How does a device that launched first get called the "me too" device? It even revealed the off TV feature first.

I'm not saying the Vita is doing great, but let's not forget about all the games it has, and all the ones coming out. You'd be livid if someone tried to downplay the Wii U; ironic that you're here doing the same to the Vita.
wheresmymonkey  +   670d ago
I'm not downplaying the Vita, i'm worried that Sony are going to use the likes of off TV PS4 Play and PLayStation NOw as an excuse (internally at least) to cut most of their support for the console as a gaming machine in its own right.

The WiiU was out before Sony even revealed the PS4 yet alone off TV play for it.

The Vita is doing worse than the WiiU, that's the truth. If the WiiU is a disaster, than the Vita is an absolute calamity.
SonyROXitoohya  +   670d ago
Agreed, the vita was DOA and no way wil it make it
WeAreLegion  +   670d ago
Opposite problem Nintendo is having. Sony's best teams are making PS4 games. Nintendo's best teams are making 3DS games. Obviously, there are exceptions, like Gravity Rush and Super Mario 3D World, but still.
dbjj12088  +   670d ago
Plus Nintendo stole Monster Hunter.
WeAreLegion  +   670d ago
I couldn't care less about Monster Hunter. It's a decent series, but I prefer the faster game play of Gods Eater and Soul Sacrifice. My friends always bring Monster Hunter to my house though, so we can all play on our Wii U's. I'd never turn it down, but I feel it has been bested.
HarryB  +   670d ago
The only game I ever played for psp was fight night rd 3. And madden and homebrew genesis games. If they just made vita work like a tablet with mouse and keyboard usb ports id buy it. I would take it to work with me and chill on downtimes. If we can stream games on the cloud like bf4 or bf3? Man id get it too.
Brazz  +   670d ago
Patcher first said > " Microsoft already have nextgen in hands..." > now he's all like : "PS4 will win this gen..."

wait and see: today he says PS vita will die, tomorrow he will say something like "Ps vita i going better than what i have expected"
dbjj12088  +   670d ago
Basically, we all need to stop caring what Pachter says.
just-joe  +   670d ago
He's an attention whore who say anything for the sake of getting investor to talk to him which in turn makes him money, he's admitted this. It's a shame he takes this path because there are times where he can be a competent analyst.
RexFury  +   670d ago
I had absolutely no interest in the Vita before the announcement of PlayStation Now. Seeing as how the service will not be in Europe till next year, I can see how things pan out and see if the service will live up to expectations. If it does, I will get a Vita for sure.
dbjj12088  +   670d ago
Vita wont get PS Now support at launch though iirc. I think they're going PS3 and PS4 first, Vita later.
SonyROXitoohya   670d ago | Trolling | show
SlapHappyJesus  +   670d ago
First off, I am not hating on the Vita. It is a system I actually want to own in the future. With that said, there's a lot to be said when people are more talking about optional services and how a handheld pairs with a home-based console than dedicated games for said handheld.
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dbjj12088  +   670d ago
Yeah it needs more original games.
Rask  +   670d ago
Totally agree! Sony should focus only on home consoles, their strength.
modesign  +   670d ago
sony could ditch the vita and create a real mobile device to compete in the mobile market.
joeorc  +   670d ago

"sony could ditch the vita and create a real mobile device to compete in the mobile market"


the PSPGo?
the xperia-play?
the PSPVita?

do many not get this, the PSVita is the platform that is geared as a remote access extender.

Sony already seen what happens when the smartphone and tablet market disrupts a market?


The deal will involve Sony paying its former partner €1.05bn in cash for its share.


AND CREATED THE PSVita TV and release it even before the full 2nd year of the PSVita's, 2nd year on the market.

To top it off Sony created, playstation mobile; day and date with the NGP: ie the PSVita. on stage, combine with the PSNow service, Creating a deal with the Unity for the Unity 3D game engines now for all playstation platfoms.

The PSVita hardware is being included as a playstation platform not just for mobile only it was built to be able to be included into TV's itself.

if people want to say than that means the PSVita is Sony's last handheld than so be it. but the very fact the PSVita hardware can be more than just a handheld means it can be a platform in one shape or form of another.

Means that expect Sony to not drop the PSVita as a platform anytime soon.
lilbroRx  +   670d ago
Don't they already provide mobile devices for the mobile market? And aren't selling very poorly?
joeorc  +   669d ago

"Don't they already provide mobile devices for the mobile market? And aren't selling very poorly?"

yes they do make smart phones, and no they are not selling poorly

They sell over 10+ million xperia smart devices per sales quarter!

Now that is not anywhere near samsung or Apples #'s but it sure is more than even both Nintendo and sonys dedicated handhelds sell per sales quarter. so over 10+ million units/ sales quarter is nothing to sneeze at. thats over 43+ million smartdevices a year! with playstation mobile,plus add in playstation now all those xperia smartdevices can generate playstation software income for Sony. Also along with the PSVita mobile platform.
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tubers  +   670d ago
Sony makes mobile hardware usually under the Xperia brand (phones/tablets).
yazter  +   670d ago
WOOT! This guy is amazing not because his predictions are accurate but because they are so offbase that whatever he predicts, the exact opposite would happen.

IF Pachter says Vita has no future, that means the Vita will dominate :D
elda  +   670d ago
There's no future or need for him.
lilbroRx  +   670d ago
False. All he needs to do is say something negative about Nintendo, and everyone will start praising his words as if he was the messiah again.
ThePsychoGamer  +   670d ago
Funny how no one reported this one as being "Trashy" though

But I guess reporting almost every negitive article for your prefered company as "lame" would make be the biggest act of fanboyism one could do... But I'm sure you would wouldn't know any thing about that.




lilbroRx  +   669d ago
I've never reported a Patcher article, even if it was negative about Nintendo and most of his are.

I only report articles that are made for little other reason than to bash(because clickbait is lame), articles that twist facts or redundant articles which is what all of those feel into. In other words, bad journalism

Get your facts straight, and stop trying to use personal attacks to make up for inability to counter what is being said.
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ThePsychoGamer  +   669d ago
"I've never reported a Patcher article, even if it was negative about Nintendo and most of his are."

Ok, let's look at the first article I linked to, a Pachter one you reported with with this quote "All news from Michael Patcher is trashy."

I only report articles that are made for little other reason than to bash(because clickbait is lame), articles that twist facts or redundant articles which is what all of those feel into. In other words, bad journalism."

You seem to see any criticism of of Nintnedo as "Bashing" or "Clickbait"

Though my point to to say, despite how bad you think the Sony fanboys on this site are, how "disgusting" you think they seem to act, they have never been as bad as trying to silence everything negative about Sony.

"Get your facts straight, and stop trying to use personal attacks to make up for inability to counter what is being said."

Trying to play the victim I see, Well, Not much you can do after your hypocrisy was just thoroughly exposed.
lilbroRx  +   669d ago
I say that in pretty much everyhting releated to patcher but usually in the comments.

Also, 90% of the articles about Nintendo on this site are negative. I don't report articles for being negative. I report them for being what I just described.
just-joe  +   670d ago
Not really true, he can say any random thing and site will pick it up so they can get clicks and mountains of comments.
stragomccloud  +   670d ago
Only because Sony is letting it die. Come on Sony it's a great platform, don't let this happen!
MikeGdaGod  +   670d ago
i loved my PSP and thought about getting a Vita....but then i remembered how once i got my iPhone, i stop playing on my PSP.....and now i don't have a Vita.

only thing that makes me want to get one is the remote play with PS4 feature...maybe when they drop to $100 or under.
SynestheticRoar  +   670d ago
What the hell patchy be smoking.
Gamer-40  +   670d ago
PsP GO flop, PSV slow death and another flop. Numbers don't lie.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   670d ago
Finally I agree with Patcher. Nintendo dominates on that department.

@Gamer-39. you are totally right dude. I line in nyc and i have never seen anyone wit a Vita other than the ones I seen on stores.
#23 (Edited 670d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NintendoYouth  +   670d ago
Nintendo destroys everybody in handheld gaming.

Vita is a great idea and I want one, but there isnt many games on it Id call "must have".
Id love to see an open world game on it.
joeorc  +   670d ago

"Nintendo destroys everybody in handheld gaming.

Vita is a great idea and I want one, but there isnt many games on it Id call "must have".
Id love to see an open world game on it."

See this is exactly the reason why Sony hedg'ed their bets! Expect Sony to stick with smart devices from here on out.

Sony is even 2nd place and many are calling that Sony needs to pull out of dedicated handheld gaming and leave it to Nintendo.

Sony may no doubt just do that!

But make playstation mobile games for smart devices an if people want dedicated controls thats what bluetooth game control pads are for.

im expecting to see that Sony make any dedicated handheld be like the psvita as a game pad add in to living room consoles or like the PSVita TV mini consoles, people are ready view the psvita as a copy of Nintendos wiiu game pad function anyway.

2nd place as they still get to keep 2nd place even without making a dedicated game handheld since even right now Sony is the only company to come close in handheld game consoles other than Nintendo Sony will still be seen by perception as 2nd place far behind Nintendo.

Sony is clearing over 10 million xperia smart phones being sold per sales quarter! not per year but every sales quarter!

Sony see's where the mobile market is heading, thats why Microsoft has not made a dedicated mobile handheld.

Sony see's the market where the real main development 3rd party is going, even though Nintendo has a real lock on the dedicated game handheld space is fine and is quite the money maker, it is no longer the largest or the primary market for mobile game development now, smart devices have changed that.

that is not an opinion it is indeed a fact, smart devices sell more month over month and software sales also outpace that number of nintendo and sony handhelds combined. they are competeing without direct challenge, this happened with the PDA market.

That does not make Nintendo's or Sonys handheld's any less viable, on the reverse it makes a strong market share all to themselves, it just means they are pretty much a lock for a market % that may no longer support more than just one handheld made by more than one company that would only be pretty much Nintendo.

after the psp
after the pspgo
after the xperia play
and now the psvita

the market % and mind share has diminished for sony or pretty much any one other than Nintendo, Sony may look at growth of smart devices containing them to be the number one game publishers on smart devices would be better off money spent, and the psvita can still be supported due to the hardware commonality.

with playstation mobile
with playstation now
with playstation network

add in Sony is selling over 10 million xperia smart devices per sales quarter. i doubt very much that the dedicated game handheld market is no longer looking as a very reasonable area to concentrate their $$$ for for future investment except for xperia and network "app store type game distribution" than physical software distribution for stores the profits for sony it seems is better for network psn for mobile game distribution.
ZeekQuattro  +   670d ago
http://www.ign.com/boards/t... Times have changed it seems. Not sure why people even listen to Pachter. He's an attention whore that will say anything to get noticed. It is kinda weird hearing him attack a Sony device however as he usually makes it his job to discredit all things Nintendo.
MajorGecko  +   670d ago
RPG's are everywhere on PSV. We need more shooters like Killzone Mercenary's it was done so right and plays amazing the VITA can do it no one wants to make them tho.
#26 (Edited 670d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jspillen  +   670d ago
Pachter is a blow hard.
MatrixxGT  +   670d ago
I want more games like gravity rush thats open world but with more content. 3d action adventer rpg (think fallout 3) style games with a mix of mini missions for on the go but also have deep content for extended gaming sessions. Take advantage of the dual analog sticks...cmon the best games for it seem to be 2d side scrollers or turn based rpgs.

I own both systems but I always find myself gravitating towards my vita rather than 3ds. Nintendo has some great games but they are expensive and don't drop in msrp for years. Also, I get bored with 3ds real quick whereas I can play my vita for way longer. Maybe its the clarity of screen or having access to so many games I can instantly switch too. 3ds feels like a waiting game as the OS is painstakingly slow vs vita.

I am looking forward to games coming out on both systems and want both to do well. As for this patcher guy.....I have one comment. PS4 will be around for at least 8 years. If even remote play stays supported for every title during thay time I will have my vita almost 10 years by time its all said and done. Most of my phone don't last 10 months so you can put that in your pipe and smoke it up.
NikX  +   670d ago
oh please why don't you just shut up Pachter!
knifefight  +   670d ago
Well there is in THIS house!
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