The FTC on paying YouTubers to endorse games

Major companies paying YouTubers to promote their video games doesn't run afoul of the Federal Trade Commissions guidelines, and even if it did, it's unlikely a content creator would be fined, an FTC spokesperson tells Polygon.

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NYC_Gamer1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The people should be upset at Google and other sites that allow any kind of paid promotion...The system will always be taking advantage of long as profit is the main goal of business.

Kayant1521d ago

My main issue is disclosure I have no problem with youtube personalities making money for their opinion on something but when you don't tell your audience and are forced to not give 2 sides of the coin (Positives & negatives)about something it becomes real shady & dishonest. It's a shame the guidelines are enforceable as it would have sent a more powerful message to these companies to not continue/try these hidden practices anymore.

4logpc1521d ago

Sleezy, but not illegal.

ziggurcat1521d ago

again, it's not that they're being paid that's the problem, it's that they're told that they can't tell people they've been paid.

that's the illegal part.

scott1821521d ago

Microsoft didn't disclose what they were doing to the public in the videos. I know Polygon said EA did the same thing, but it's just not true.

Look at part of EA's terms "The program requires that participants comply with FTC guidelines and identify when content is sponsored."

It's not like I care, it would be a small slap on the wrist for micro if anything. But if they can get away with it, it shows others that they can too. So who do we trust now for an unbiased youtube review?

LetoAtreides821521d ago

Not a surprise seeing this article coming from Polygon. It's true though, it's not illegal it's just wrong and it should be illegal. I see it all the time on Amazon, many reviews are actually paid reviews, there's companies that pay people to put positive reviews of their products. That ought to be illegal!

cyguration1521d ago

I hope the FTC investigates real hard and something ugly happens to EA... and Microsoft.

Grimhammer001521d ago

I'd settle for common sense.
If you the consumer realize now that MS stoop to this level of douchery - STOP giving them your money! Or at least the Xbox division!

It's not fanboi talk. It's just a level of trust you simply, factually can't possess when dealing with MS Xbox division. Full stop