Soon you’ll be able to watch NFL games at 60 FPS through the Xbox

From the outset, Microsoft has marketed the Xbox One as not only a gaming platform, but an all-in-one media center. Although it hasn’t reached its full potential quite yet, the next several months will bring a slew of new features to the console that should move it closer to Microsoft’s original vision.

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Mikelarry1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

..... in America and America only

Neonridr1490d ago

well.. Canada too maybe.. :P

Mikelarry1490d ago

lol oh yes forgot about them

abzdine1490d ago

how about making a gaming console to play games in 60FPS?

loulou1490d ago

Shame about the games and 60fps though

TomShoe1490d ago Show
Sethry1011490d ago

A Feature that can be use in two countries in the whole world, brilliant MS just brilliant.

I have never had a problem watching sport with out an xbone funnily enough, so why do I need one now to watch it?

Neonridr1490d ago

@Sethry101 - while I understand what you are saying, being able to watch something through your console is just a nice added feature.

Is having a Netflix app on your game console useless because you can access it via your TV or smartphone? It's just another option I guess..

1490d ago
Neonridr1490d ago

Nintendo TVii is really great for sports games too. All the stats on the fly. A map of the playing field showing current plays of a drive, etc. Not to mention you can comment with other viewers using the service too. It's really quite cool.

AngelicIceDiamond1490d ago

@Abzdine Games can run 60 frames on X1. So lets not go there.

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Rainstorm811490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Not too soon NFL season will be fully over in two weeks so more like August

nategrigs1490d ago

This is what I was thinking. Doubt it will be ready to go by the superbowl

us_army1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Please define soon? The season ends in just over a week...

^^Rain u beat me to it lol

kneon1490d ago

And at 1280 x 720. I guess they figure most people don't have the bandwidth for full hd at 60fps


It's NFL, which is in America... and America only

Mikelarry1490d ago

thats exactly my point everything about this console is geared towards Americans other countries who purchase the xbox one dont get the full use of all the features that have being touted as game changer if you chose the xbox one over a ps4 or wiiu and to make matters worse some of these other countries have to pay more?????

3-4-51490d ago

Just in time for the NFL Seas.......oh it's over ?

Wow, they nailed that timing perfectly.

No people only have to wait 10 months to use this feature.

Neato gang

bryam19821490d ago

who cares american football (or what i call american rugby) is so boring anyways a sport where they stop every 5 seconds shouldn't be call sport

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HarryB1490d ago

Thats awesome. But I dont give a flying front door.

Ron_Danger1490d ago

Is this the news that was teased on twitter?

infectedaztec1490d ago

Fantastic. Being a football (the original version) I look forward to a sky sports premier league version of this

Unreal011490d ago

I think I found that way funnier than I should have done.

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The story is too old to be commented.