Telltale Releases Key Art for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 “Smoke and Mirrors"

Twinfinite writes:

While certainly not much, fans of The Wolf Among Us have a little bit of a hint of flavoring with new key art to keep themselves salivating until episode 2 of Telltale’s new graphic adventure game is released.

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Chrono1640d ago

I won't bother till the entire season is released.

SlapHappyJesus1640d ago

It took a month longer than what was supposed to be the actual release of the second chapter just to get some artwork . . .
I am happy I always wait for the entire package to release when it comes to these types of experiences.

mdluffy1640d ago

They are doing this game + walking dead season 2... at once.
They had trouble doing the walking dead season 1 on schedule, how fast do you think they will be with 2 games at once.

SlapHappyJesus1640d ago

I like the developer. I was a fan before they truly hit it big with the Walking Dead. That said, then maybe they shouldn't be working on multiple projects and should stick to one at a time. We are waiting this long for the second part of one game. They are, currently, working on just two games to any major degree. They then have Borderlands and Game of Thrones, let alone a possible King's Quest series.
What then?
If they can't keep up, why continue adding on even more work? They obviously aren't a large enough studio for this and I am a bit worried about the quality of their content moving forward.

thecastroregime1639d ago

To be fair, Telltale did come out the other day and state that the delay for TWAU episode 2 was due to unforeseen, special circumstances. We don't know what those are, but they promised that wouldn't happen again.